Broadway Bod Busters

Bod Busters deny attack on Flying Lines

By Ken Burdick

In a prepared statement today, Huevos Fritos, Press secretary for the Broadway Bod Busters, spoke for the group of elite combat fliers having this to say about the alleged attack and take over of I home office in Oregon:

"What is an attack anyway?"

"What may seem like a take over to some cultures such as stunt, and Profile R.O.W. Scale, to a combat flier may seem like a friendly visit."

In a statement released from Co-Founder Kenny-B:

"I didn't do it, man. It is true that the Bod Busters had in fact assembled at our headquarters (Stars of Beaverton) for fact finding mission. We readily admit to this. We were in the area and of course paid a visit to the Flying Lines central office, but did not attack or in any other way attempt to take over the oracle of control line flying."

In a statement released by The Rein Man:

"I think everyone just needs to calm down and wait till all of the facts are in. It's not like we burned the building down, I don't know why everyone is so upset."

Additional statement from other team members:

Stunt Guru Dirty-Dan:

"I thought it was cool! I'm planning on visiting there again!"

The Buzz Man:

"You got no proof it was us! You can't even read handwriting on a Clown Race lap form!"


"The circumstances of my alleged involvement are highly exaggerated."

The Combat Monster:

"KILL!.KILL!..KILL! (Get him out of here!)

Mike Rule and Dave Stevenson were unavailable for comment.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: We stand by our allegation that the hijack of the Flying Lines front page from May 3-6, 2008, was a carefully orchestrated surprise attack on the dignity of all control-line modeling. Rumors of complicity at FL HQ are vehemently denied. We also deny categorically that an elite team of combat fliers is being assembled in Oregon to wreak havoc on the Bladder Grabber AAA fast combat tournament in August. For those who want to be there just to witness for themselves, just in case such a counterattack should occur, information about the Bladder Grabber can be found at Where the Action Is.)

KennyB And The Bod Busters.


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