Tailhook 2006 results

Navy Carrier contest

Aug. 5, 2006, Lakewood, Wash.

Results provided by Mike Potter

(Northwest standings points in parentheses)

Rich Salter, Seattle, Wash., 248.9 (3); Square Cat, SuperTigre .35
2. Chris Gomez, Auburn, Wash., 230.4 (2); Martin Mauler, O.S. .35
3. Dick Salter, Tenino, Wash., 217.5 (1); Grumman Guardian, SuperTigre .35

Bill Darkow, Olympia, Wash., 112.2 (1); Curtis Sea Hawk, Fox .36

New Northwest Endurance record performance reported

Also at the Tailhook meet, Bill Darkow he established a new Northwest control-line endurance record.

Here is Bill's report on the flight:

I blew the doors off the NW CL Endurance record at an AMA sanctioned meet this Sunday, Aug. 6 at the Tailhook carrier meet at Clover Park Tech in Tacoma/Lakewood.

Main thing was checking the fuel tank which we did with a medical syringe and it came out just under 1 oz. even allowing for the fuel line.

Time exceeded my own expectations of about 15min. and came in at 20 minutes, 54 seconds!

Engine was a Chinese replica of the Deezil .12 (2cc.) swinging a 10x7 Zinger prop on standard Aerodyne diesel fuel.

Plane was a replica of the "Beginners Goat" (renamed "Capricorn") from Air Trails, Nov. 1948. It was flown on 52-1/2' .014 stainless steel lines.

Already have some ideas for a couple of refinements to stretch the time even further. Hope this effort drums up some interest in a largely ignored event and inspires a few "techies" to give it a try.

Will try to get some photos of me and the model to you soon.

See Northwest CL competition records.

Photos of the tailhook meet can been seen in the August Snoopy's Gnuz.

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