Lineup of some of the planes that flew in Oregon Flying Fun No. 3, led by Walter Hicks' Sea Fury in the foreground. Flying Lines photo.

Oregon Flying Fun No. 3

Beautiful day at annual Salem get-together

Bill Riegel Field, Salem, Ore., March 7, 2015

By Mike Hazel

Sunny skies greeted attendees for the Salem edition of the Oregon Fun Fly series.  A bit cool in the morning, but hey, it is March!  The wind waited to pick up until we were just about done flying for the day.

A lunch of chili and chips was served, along a good spread of prizes for the flying raffle at the end of the day.

Those attending that put up flights included:  Walter Hicks, Bob Lewis, Dave Shrum, Tom Kopriva, Floyd Carter, John Thompson, Gene Pape, Gavin Baker, Mike Denlis, Mike Hazel, Dave LaFever, Dean Singleton, Dave Royer, Alice Cotton-Royer, and Richard Entwhistle. There were some other modelers who showed up to spectate as well.  Overall, a great day!

The next stop in the Oregon Flying Fun series will be in McMinnville on April 4. See Where the Action Is for details.

Oregon Flying Fun 3 photos

Dave Royer's brand-new Magnum was the star of the fun-fly. Looks and flies great on the Stalker .61. Flying Lines photo.

Comings and goings from the asphalt circle: Tom rightbill carries his Shark to the circle while Bob Lewis carries Dave LaFever's profile warbird to the pits. Flying Lines photo.

A couple of old-timers: At left, Floyd Carter's Boxcar Chief; at right, Alice Cotton-Royer's Firecat. Flying Lines photo.

Perfect flying conditions at Bill Riegel Model Airpark: Dave La Fever's profile warbird can just be seen approaching the equipment shed. Flying Lines photo.

Lots of small planes were in the air at the fun fly. In foreground is Tom Kopriva's 1/2-A stunter, an excellent flier with a TeeDee .049. In background, two of Gene Pape's Wido Satans. Flying Lines photo.

All you need to learn to fly control-line: Two coroplast-based trainers built by Mark Hansen and owned by the Eugene Prop Spinners. Gavin Baker (below) was one of many who have learned to fly on these simple, sturdy planes. Flying Lines photo.

Gavin Baker solos on the coroplast trainer. Flying Lines photo.

At left, Gavin Baker shows good form in one of his first flights; at right, Gene Pape puts a vintage 1/2-A combat plane through its paces. Flying Lines photo.

Dave Shrum with a small plane powered by a vintage OK Cub .074. Flying Lines photo.

Doug Powers enjoys small planes. His Skyray at left and a Goodyear racer at right. Flying Lines photo.

Dave La Fever likes warbird markings. Flying Lines photo.

More warbird markings! Flying Lines photo.

The two in front are a tiny fraction of Floyd Carter's fleet; in back is Tom Brightbill's Knobler (see below). Flying Lines photo.

The bottom Brightbill's Knobler provokes memories in modeler of a certain age, when Burma Shave signs were everywhere. Flying Lines photo.

Dean Singleton comes in for a landing on the full-size grass circle. Flying Lines photo.

At left, Dave LaFever (left) and Tom Kopriva show off Northwest Regionals flying field fashion. The 44th Regionals is coming up on Memorial Day Weekend (See Where the Action Is. At right, a very nicely decorated Ringmaster. Bob Lewis photos.

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