A few of the planes lined up and ready to fly. There were so many fliers that a flight order signup sheet was used on the asphalt circle. Flying Lines photo.

Oregon Flying Fun No. 3

Big turnout keeps the sky filled with CL planes

Bill Riegel Field, Salem, Ore., March 2, 2013

More than 20 fliers and 60 or more flights made Oregon Flying Fun No. 3 at Bill Riegel Model Airpark a full day of control-line flying fun. Fliers from the Western Oregon Control-Line Flyers, Eugene Prop Spinners and Northwest Fireballs, along with several fliers from Roseburg and several other Oregon points, turned up for to keep the two circles busy from about 8 a.m. to 3 p.m..

The host WOLF club offered some nice prizes in the flying raffle, and chef ZZ (Mike Hazel) kept the chill off with some hot chili.

Among those attending were Craig Bartlett, Jim Corbett, Mike Hazel, Dave La Fever, Mike Massey, Don McClave, Dave Royer, Dean Singleton, John Thompson, Bob Lewis, Tom Brightbill, Bill Mix, Alice Cotton-Royer, Dave Shrum, Pete Benning, Robin Mason, Dave Denison, Marc Winz, Roger Winz, Floyd Carter, Gordon Rea, Dean Rea, Mike Denlis, Ron Anderson and Mark Hansen. A number of spectators were on hand througout the day.

The next stop in the Oregon Flying Fun series will be in Eugene on April 6. See Where the Action Is for details.

Oregon Flying Fun 3 photos

Flying is what it's all about. Gordon Rea gives a perfect launch to Dean Singleton's PT-19. Flying Lines photo.

Don McClave's 2013 airplane is a Smoothie, which he will use in both Classic and Old-Time Stunt. It is powered by an Aero Tiger .36. Flying Lines photo.

Mike Massey flies his Pathfinder. Flying Lines photo.

Planes without landing gear used the grass circle. Flying Lines photo.

Dean Singleton starts the Evolution .36 on his PT-19, with Gordon Rea holding. Flying Lines photo.

Dave Shrum enjoys the old B-Team Race planes. This is his latest. Flying Lines photo.

Floyd Carter's 1944 Tethered Trainer is the plane featured on a Northwest Regionals shirt a few years ago. Jim Corbett photo.

Big Spin, a Mike Massey original, now flown by Dave La Fever. Flying Lines photo.

Nice and evil -- two planes by John Thompson. At left, a very nice-flying version of the profile Cardinal. At right, the Evil Twin -- now running and flying nicely, too. Flying Lines photo.

Alice Cotton-Royer's Firecat. Flying Lnes photo.

Two of Bob Lewis's hand-painted profiles. Flying Lines photo.

An ARF Nobler. Flying Lines photo.

Dave La Fever puts Coast Guard markings on many of his planes. This one is powered by a McCoy .35. Flying Lines photo.

Mark Hansen's 1/2-A Combat plane powered by a Medallion .09. Flying Lines photo.

Ron Anderson starts the engine on his Skyray, with Mark Hansen holding. Flying Lines photo.

Floyd Carter ran out of names after 30 airplanes, so he just calls this one 31. Jim Corbett photo.

Floyd Carter's spark-ignition Wildman 60. Jim Corbett photo.

Dave Royer's Humongous Jim Corbett photo.

Another nice electric stunter by Dave Denison. Jim Corbett photo.

Gordon Rea's Ringmaster. Jim Corbett photo.

An interesting high-wing plane by Bill Mix. Jim Corbett photo.

Just chatting is a big part of the fun-flies. Here, the Flying Lines editor vists with Precision Aerobatics Model Pilots Association President Don McClave. Don will be aerobatics event director at the 2013 Northwest Regionals. Jim Corbett photo.

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