Lots of airplanes were on display at Oregon Flying Fun No. 3, ranging from tiny 1/2-A models to full-size stunters such as the Challenger on left. Flying Lines photo.

Oregon Flying Fun No. 3

Big turnout for flying and hobnobbing!

March 13, 2010, Salem, Ore.
More photos added March 16!

The Salem event this year was one of the best-attended of the long-running series of winter-spring fun-flies held for the past several years in Oregon. The weather was mostly sunny but a bit breezy and cold. The wind slackened and the temperature warmed a bit as the day went on. There was plenty of flying on both the asphalt and grass circles despite the wind, after Bruce Hunt showed us all how to handle it with a couple of stunt flights early on. The breeze was, after, all, steady and in one direction all day long.

The host Western Oregon Control-Line Flyers handed out a nice array or prizes (right) after the flying raffle (every flight got a ticket in the can for a prize).

Stunt planes, 1/2-A combat planes and lots of full-size and 1/2-A sport planes were in the air. There was also plenty of just plane visiting.

Those putting in flights were: Dave Shrum, Bob Lewis, Doug Powers, Robert Ladd, Gerald Schamp, Dave Royer, Dean Singleton, Bruce Hunt, John Thompson, Gene Pape, Bill Lee, Mike Hazel and Richard Entwhistle. Also attending but not flying were Ted Gritzmacher, Loren Howard, Jim Corbett, Mike Denlis, Craig Bartlett, Ron Bennett and Bob Cooke.

The fourth in the series of four Oregon fun flies is scheduled for 10 a.m.-3 p.m. at Eugene Airport, in Eugene, Ore., on Saturday, April 3. See Where the Action Is for details.

More Fun Fly 3 photos

Left photo: A clever way to haul a lot of small airplanes: 1/2-A plane rack brought by the Portland fliers. Right photo: Gerald Schamp of Albany, Ore., puts lines on his excellent-flying Ringmaster, powered by four-stroke engine. Flying Lines photos.

Dean Singleton of Salem tunes the engine on his Flite Streak, seen flying at right. Flying Lines photos.

Mike Denlis (left) of Eugene, Ore., and Mike Hazel of Mehama, Ore., discuss the finer points of monoline handles. Mike Denlis recently has been flying a monoline-controlled Skyray; Mike Hazel has lots of experience with monoline speed planes. Flying Lines photo.

More of the planes, most of these from Roseburg area fliers. Flying Lines photo.

Fliers discussing some of the finer points of CL flying (from left): Bruce Hunt, Dave Royer, Dave Shrum, Gerald Schamp. Flying Lines photo.

Bob Lewis starts the engine on one of his warbirds as Gerald Schamp holds. Bruce Hunt photo.

Left photo: Mike Denlis (right) and Dave Royer examine Mike's Dolphin. Right photo: Gerald Schamp with Ringmaster. Bruce Hunt photos.

Two Junior Ringmasters from the Roseburg group. Bruce Hunt photo.

Left photo: Bob Lewis with Challenger. Right photo: Mike Hazel with Banshee. Bruce Hunt photos.

John Thompson starts engines on the Evil Twin as Gene Pape holds. Bruce Hunt photo.

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