The potluck lunch was a fabulous feast for a good turnout of fliers at the Zoot Ranch in Mehama, Ore. At right is burger chef Mike Hazel. Flying Lines photo.

Big day of flying and feasting at the Zoot Ranch Fun Fly

Mehama, Ore., Sept. 2, 2017

A good-sized group of Oregon control-line fliers who braved the surrounding wildfire smoke to trek to Mike and Laura Hazel's Zoot Ranch were greeted with warm, sunny skies, almost no wind, and -- best of all -- only a very light intermittent haze of smoke.

The result was a full day of flying and eating -- and we mean eating, because the potluck lunch and barbecue was outstanding.

A wide variety of sport, stunt and combat style airplanes were flown. There were crazy maneuvers, a few minor crashes, and just lots of just plane fun and fellowship.

Attending were: Barbara White and Richard Entwhistle, Gene and Carole Pape, Floyd and Phyllis Carter, Don and Margaret Dotter, Doug Powers, Bill Lee, Dave and Peggy Shrum, John Thompson, Mike and Laura Hazel, Craig and Laurie Bartlett, Jim Harper, Robin and Matt Mason, and possibly some others.

The only question that remained after the flying and eating ended was, when is the next one? We'll all be there!

Zoot Ranch Fun Fly photos

Doug Powers launches Bll Lee's tiny OK Cub-powered warplane. Flying Lines photo.

Doug Powers and Bill Lee have a lot of fun building and flying tiny 1/2-A-powered planes. These three are only a small part of their fleet. Flying Lines photo.

Floyd Carter's Colibri passes over the takeoff strip on the Zoot Ranch flying circle. Flying Lines photo.

Dave Shrum flies one of his two K&B Stallion-powered Coon Dogs, with the Hazel house just alongside the flying circle. Firepit in background is for burning crashed airplanes, we understand. Flying Lines photo.

The Coon Dog is nicely framed by the woodsy background. Flying Lines photo.

Doug Powers at the handle. Flying Lines photo.

Mike Hazel's fun-fly bipe, which rolls and tumbles like a Bi-Slob, has a wheel on top and bottom -- just in case. Flying Lines photo.

Bill Lee (left) and Doug Powers get ready for a flight. Flying Lines photo.

Mike Hazel's crazy bipe and his Baby Ringmaster. Flying Lines photo.

This little warbird by Bill Lee is a good flier Flying Lines photo.

Floyd Carter's planes added a little class to the ragtag fleet. In front is his electric stunter, Colibri. The word stands for "hummingbird" in Japanese. Flying Lines photo.

A staging area shows some of the variety of sport-type planes that were on hand. Flying Lines photo.

Robin Mason's Super Clown. Flying Lines photo.

Doug Powers' Akromaster. Flying Line photo.

Well-fed crowd waves to the camera. Flying Lines photo.

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