Jim Booker's Pod Racer Northwest Sport Jet plane takes off, with Mike Hazel at the handle. Flying Lines photo.

2012 Salem Speed and Combat

Sept. 22-23, 2012, Bill Riegel Model Airpark, Salem, Ore.

By Mike Hazel, contest director

Great weather greeted a rather small group of contestants in Salem for that weekend.  It seems that there were a number of schedule conflicts, plus infirmed family members to take care of by some.  Speed flyers also in attendance but not entering were:  Ron Bennett, Loren Howard, and Will Naemura.


Northwest Standings Points in parentheses

1/2 A PROTO SPEED  (1 entry)
Bruce Tunberg, McMinnville, Ore., 92.27 mph (1)

Jim Booker, La Grande, Ore., 148.65 mph (2) (Northwest record, replacing 142.74 set by Dick Salter on May 28, 2010)
2. Steve Walther, North Vancouver, B.C., attempt (1)

.21 SPORT SPEED (1 entry)
Steve Walther, 141.12 mph (1)

FAI SPEED (1 entry)
Jim Booker, 172.08 mph (1)

Steve Walther, 88.24 mph, (3) (Establishes Northwest record in new event)
2. Chris Sackett, Maple Ridge, B.C., 88.03 (2)
3. Dean Singleton, Lebanon, Ore., 68.49 (1)

Half-A Combat at the Salem Speed & Combat meet

There were only two entries this year in High-Performance 1/2-A Combat. The contestants decided to fly one match to decide the winner. Because there weren't enough fliers to provide a full staff of officials, CD Mike Hazel launched both planes and counted cuts, and airtime was not counted. When the planes ran out of gas, that was the end of the match. John Thompson was declared the winner with one cut, though Gene Pape most likely had enough airtime that in a normal match he would have made up for the cut. Mike Hazel was awarded third place for participating as a pitman, thereby disposing of the third-place trophy!

1/2-A COMBAT (2 entries)
1. John Thompson, Eugene, Ore., 1-0 (2)
2. Gene Pape, Eugene, Ore., 0-1 (1)
3. Mike Hazel, Salem, Ore.

Results of this contest are included in Northwest Control-Line Competition Standings.

Salem Speed & Combat Photo Gallery

Steve Walther of North Vancouver, B.C., with several very nice speed planes. Flying Lines photo.

Jim Booker of La Grande, Ore., had a table full of jet planes. His Pod Racer Northwest Jet Speed plane is available in kit form. See Flying Flea Market. Flying Lines photo.

A Goodyear-style plane for the new Northwest B Proto Speed event. Flying Lines photo.

Mike Hazel did most of the piloting in the Speed circle. Flying Lines photo.

A Northwest Sport Jet Speed plane and all the accessories. Flying Lines photo.

Mike Hazel (left) and Jim Booker prepare Jim's jet for a flight. Flying Lines photo.

Bruce Tunberg test runs the engine of his FAI Speed plane. Flying Lines photo.

Fine workmahship is evident in Steve Walther's planes. Here's his Formula 40. Flying Lines photo.

Walther's jet and, below, another Walther Speed plane. Flying Lines photos.

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