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The Control-Line Modeler at Large

By John Thompson

September 2006

Modeling thought for the month:

"The foolish and the dead alone never change their opinion."
-- Lowell

Doubling our fun

"Go for two" and win a prize

A twin-engine challenge for 2007

Recently I raised two points:
1. Should the P-40 engine rule be changed to allow "nominal" total displacement of .40? I was thinking of proposing that we go by the "what it says on the box" standard for deciding whether an engine -- or a pair of engines -- would meet the P-40 Stunt engine displacement limit.
2. How about generating a little fun in 2007 with a special award for the best-performing twin-engine stunt plane?

My original commentary on these topics can be reviewed in the August Round & Round column.

Well, there's been a month or more for the ideas to either generate a groundswell of support or a riot of protest. Neither of those have happened, but I've reached some conclusions about the direction to head on the above two ideas (as I'm thinking about it now in September 2006).

1. The P-40 engine rule change proposal generated a rip-roaring tide of indifference. A few people supported it, a few pointed out some problems with it -- not the least of which is the question of what to do about the line diameter for "nominally" legal but "technically" oversize engines. That's a safety issue. And, a few people already have started planning or building twins for the P-40 event that meet the current rule of a total .40 displacement. Basically, what the current rule does is prohibit use of technically oversize engines -- and we're talking the O.S. FP .20 here -- in twin configuration.
Given the lack of passionate response either way on the idea, I've decided to drop the idea of a formal rules proposal at this time. Who knows what might happen later? So, P-40 rules will not change in 2007, unless somebody else makes a proposal I'm not aware of at this time.

2. I did get some positive response on the idea of playing with twin engines in 2007, so I will make good my promise to sponsor an award. I've broadened the idea a little bit. Here goes:

The Flying Lines web site will sponsor and award a trophy at the end of 2007 to the competitor who scores the most points in the FL Northwest Standings using a twin-engine airplane(s). This can be in any event in which twins are legal. Twins are legal in stunt, carrier and scale. Maybe even in some other event I don't know about.

The only rule I will make is that both engines have to be running at the start of a flight, for the performance to count toward the twin trophy standings. I'll keep track of the twin performances in a separate, informal standings category.

This whole thing is intended to be fun, and possibly funny. The trophy will be a small award, not a big deal. I may also throw in a package of Doublemint Gum as a special incentive. The idea is to encourage some variety in our sometimes-too-serious competitive environment.

Does it sound like fun to you? Well, if so, you've got all winter to get that project built!

I welcome comments or suggestions. E-mail me or, better yet, post your comments on the NW Message Boards.

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