Control-line flying in a great aviation setting: Dave La Fever takes off with the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum's aerospace building in the background along with classic airplanes and rocket motors. Gene Pape photo.

Oregon Flying Fun 4

Organized CL flying returns to McMinnville

April 4, 2014, McMinnville, Ore.

Thanks to the hard work of The Evergreen Aero Modelers RC/CL flying club, two very nice grass circles have been carved out alongside the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum in McMinnville, Ore., a few hundred yards away from the previous CL site, which was replaced by the museum's water park.

The fourth stop in the annual Oregon Flying Fun series marked the return of organized CL flying to McMinnville. The event was hosted by Jerry Eichten and other TEAM members, notably Dave Bibbee, who did field preparation along with Jerry.

Sixteen fliers signed up, and a number of others showed up to watch.

"We appreciate the feedback on the circles and will look at options to improve footing in the centers," Jerry says. "A few other TEAM members stopped by to see what CL is all about.  Many members of The Evergreen Aero Modelers have been involved with turning the farm field into a model field the past 12 months."

Signing up to fly were: Ron Anderson, Alice Cotton-Royer, Richard Entwhistle, Mark Hansen, Mike Hazel, Bill Heher, Dave LaFever, Bob Lewis, Leo Mehl, Jerry Olson, Gene Pape, Doug Powers, Gordon Rea (accompanied by his dad, Dean Rea), Dave Royer, Dave Shrum and John Thompson.

Sean Barney and John Plyter made a very nice video of the event, in part using an RC quadracopter carrying a camera. See the video.

Earlier stops in the Oregon Flying Fun series were in Portland, Salem and Roseburg. See the Flying Lines home page for links to articles on those events.

Oregon Flying Fun 4 photos

Fliers enjoying some chatter in the pits. From left: Bill Heher, John Thompson, Bob Lewis (in hood), Jerry Olson, Dave LaFever and Gordon Rea. Gene Pape photo.

Bill Heher gets ready to launch for Doug Powers. Gene Pape photo.

Leo Mehl flies his electric Arctic Fox. Gene Pape photo.

Bill Heher at the handle. Flying Lines photo.

Mark Hansen's toolbox is bigger than his plane: an All American Stunt Trainer, powered by a Cox Medallion .049. Designed by Hal DeBolt in 1950, it flies very well on 52-foot lines. Flying Lines photo.

The fun-flies bring out all kinds of planes, big and small. Flying Lines photo.

It was drizzly in the early part of the fun-fly, so some of the fliers protected their planes from the weather. Those in the foreground are Bob Lewis's profiles. Flying Lines photo.

Two warbirds: at left is Dave LaFever's (Bob Lewis photo), at right Dave Shrum's (Flying Lines photo).

At left, Dave LaFever's Flying Fool; at right, Bill Heher's profile. Bob Lewis photos.

At left, Gene Pape's electric Super Clown (Bob Lewis photo); at right, Doug Powers' Skyray (Flying Lines photo).

Three of John Thompson's planes waiting for action. Gene Pape photo.

Only slightly damp: Dave Shrum prepares to start the SuperTigre .32 on his Jack Sheeks-design La Donna, while John Thompson holds and Gene Pape watches. Bob Lewis photo.

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