The Oregon Flying Fun No. 1 fliers at the Jim Walker memorial field in Portland. All photos by Barbara White.

Portland fun fly gets the CL flying year started

Jim Walker Memorial Control-Line Flying Field, Portland, Ore., Jan. 1, 2013

By Barbara White

The two-part Oregon Flying Fun No. 1, sponsored by The Northwest Fireballs, was held on at Delta Park in Portland.

Six flyers attended the midnight session, putting up a total of seven flights.  Flying conditions were reportedly excellent.

Following a very wet December, the weather on New Year’s Day was equally fine.  Early arrivals (9 a.m.) were greeted by a slight fog, which was burned off by 11:00 a.m..  What was even more impressive ... folks from Scappoose had snow on their cars and folks from south Portland reported high winds.  Bright sun, a clear sky and hardly any wind at the flying circle; what a way to start the year.

Twenty-two people, including five of the midnight flyers, showed up on New Year’s Day to continue Portland’s first-of-the-year flying.  Sixteen of these people put up a total of 35 flights, starting at 10:15 a.m. and continuing until 2:45 p.m.  One person, Robin Gearn, flew her first control-line flight.

In addition to club members and other Portland flyers, we were joined by Mike Denlis (furthest south, from Springfield, Oregon) and the Johnson family, Scott and his sons Daniel and Nathan (furthest north, from Rochester, Wash.)

Most of the daytime flights were flown over Delta Park’s asphalt flying circle, although several were flown on the two adjacent grass circles; at one point, all three circles had planes in the air.

The Northwest Fireballs served their now-traditional buffet, starting with coffee and pastries.  Lunch was served from several hot pots of chili, beans, and soup; we also had Andi's macaroni salad; and Robert Ladd provided his famous burgers-and-dogs grill station.

Flyers received a raffle ticket for each flight and the final official event of the day was a drawing for the thirteen raffle prizes.  With a one-prize-per-person limit, almost everyone who flew won an award.

Congratulations to The Northwest Fireballs for staging a fun event.

The Oregon Flying Fun series moves to Roseburg, Ore., on Feb. 9. See Where the Action Is for details.

Early-morning fog soon cleared away.

Scott Johnson prepares for takeoff, wth Daniel and Nathan Johnson assisting.

Mike Denlis of Springfield, Ore, represented the Eugene Prop Spinners.

Dave Royer in the air.

Alice Cotton-Royer heads to the handle.

Richard Entwhistle flies; Jerry Olson in the foreground.

Chefs Geoff Christianson and Jim Harper monitor the food.

A great combination: Airplanes and food!

Lunch is served!

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