The 2013 Northwest Control-Line Regionals
Eugene, Ore., May 24-25-26, 2013

Don Chandler's majestic P-47 makes a flight in the Sport Scale competiton at the 2013 Northwest Regionals. Flying Lines photo.

Regionals No. 43: One for the ages

The 2013 Northwest Control-Line Regionals was held under a cloud. Yes, there were some of the Oregon weather clouds, but there was also the cloud of worry that ominous signals from the Eugene Airport administration could indicate that it would be the last Regionals on the perfect contest site. If it was to be the last Regionals on that site -- possibly the last Regionals ever -- there was a spirit of making it the best one ever.

Eighty-eight contestants showed up with that in mind, and the contest truly was one of the more memorable Regionals.

Participation was up in Stunt and Combat, strong in Carrier and down in Speed and Racing, but there was top-notch competition on all seven circles. By the end of the 2013 Memorial Day Weekend, forty-two separate events had been successfully completed, finishing early and without any major problems or mishaps. One hundred and thirty-two trophies had been offered and $3,000 worth of prizes claimed. There were spectators, media coverage and world-class flying.

For example, an exciting, wind-buffeted Expert Precision Aerobatics final round saw former World Champion David Fitzgerald defeat another former World Champion, Paul Walker, by a single point. One of the noted PA judges was heard to comment during the Sunday morning appearance judging that he had never seen so many beautiful airplanes in one place.

Precision Aerobatics judge Ted Fancher (left) makes notes during appearance judging on Sunday morning. Flying Lines photo.

Despite a very dry winter and early spring, including temperatures in the 80s in early May, the weather forecast was ominous in the week before the contest. However, the contest itself got a break from the rain and wind that bracketed it. There were a few brief showers scattered through the weekend, but flying continued without interruption. The windiest period was Sunday afternoon, causing some scratches in Precision Aerobatics, but for the most part the elements cooperated and allowed an excellent weekend of competition.

AMA Fast Combat moved to a full double-elimination format for the first time after last year's single-elimination reintroduction, and the result was a powerful display of fine combat flying won by Regionals regular Lee Letchworth.

Northwest Sport .40 Carrier, a fairly new event, continued to grow in popularity, with 14 fliers entered. On the racing circle, though entries are presently at a low ebb, racing expert Paul Gibeault spent Saturday introducing young fliers to the excitement of the historic event, and we're sure to see more racers in the near future as a result.

Attendance was increased from last year; in fact, it was one of the highest attendances in several years, with 88 fliers accounting for 224 event entries.

Alan Resinger of Delta, B.C., won the coveted Concours d' Elegance award for the contestants' favorite Precision Aerobatics airplane with his elegant Crossfire electric airplane.

Field setup began under the direction of Eugene Prop Spinners President Mike Denlis on Thursday at 10 a.m. Post-contest teardown was done before 6 p.m., again under Mike's direction. Mike again organized a large crew of workers that got things done on a timely basis. Among the work crew were: Mike Massey, Brian Massey, Tom Kopriva, Gene Pape, Jim Corbett, Mike Hazel, Dave LaFever, Dave Green, Gordon Rea,, the Johnson family and quite a few contestants who pitched in at various times. The complex job of registration was directed again by Kathy Thompson with help from Barbara White, who also was the hard-working chief stunt tabulator, assisted by Annette Johnston. Commemorative shirts featured a variety of CL competition scenes, including Stunt, Speed and Racing.

Thanks are due to numerous trophy sponsors as well as to prize donor/sponsors. Donating or sponsoring prizes or trophies were Eugene Toy & Hobby, Brodak Manufacturing, Burt Brokaw, Karl Caldwell, Don Chandler, Mike Conner, Chris and Joan Cox, Kestutis Dvarvydis, Dave and Angela Gardner, Dave Green, Mike Hazel, the Northwest Fireballs, the Lickley family, Igor Panchenko, the Reno/Sparks Control Liners, Lanny Shorts, Jerry Rocha, Howard Rush, and a donation in Memory of Wayne Spears.

Elsewhere on the Flying Lines website, see updated Northwest standings, Northwest records and Regionals records.

Regionals Photo Gallery

Event Directors' reports

Alan Resinger's Crossfire was the Concours d'Elegance winner, chosen by a ballot of the pilots and judges. Flying Lines photo.

2013 Northwest Control Line Regionals Results

May 24-25-26, Eugene, Ore.
Contestants: 88 individuals, 224 event entries

Combat Champion: Jeff Rein
Navy Carrier Champion: Burt Brokaw
Racing Champion: Paul Gibeault
Scale Champion: Don Chandler
Speed Champion: Jerry Rocha
Stunt Champion: Pete Peterson
Precision Aerobatics Concours 'd Elegance: Alan Resinger

(Events in alphabetical order by category)
(Northwest Standings points in parenthesis after score)

AMA Fast Combat action on Sunday. Flying Lines photo.

Combat: Event director Gene Pape

AMA FAST COMBAT (Double elimination) (9 entries)
1. Lee Letchworth, Rodeo, Calif., 5 wins, 1 loss
2. Jeff Rein, Covington, Wash., 4-2 (8)
3. Robert Smith, Roy, Wash., 3-2 (7)
4. Jim Green, Bellevue, Wash., 2-3 (6)
5. Don McKay, Redmond, Wash., 1-2
Buzz Wilson, Belfair, Wash., 1-2
Lane Puckett, Merced, Calif., 1-2
Gene Pape, Eugene, Ore., 1-2
9. Don Jensen, Pomona, Calif., 0-2

80-MPH COMBAT (Double elimination) (11 entries)
1. Jeff Rein, 5-1 (11)
2. Doss Porter, Fresno, Calif, 5-2
3. Don Jensen, 4-2
4. Lee Letchworth, 3-2
5. Don McKay, 2-2
Lane Puckett, 2-2
7. Jim Green, 1-2
8. Buzz Wilson, 0-2
Gene Pape, 0-2
Robert Smith, 0-2
Elden Samuel, Couer d'Alene, Idaho, 0-2

HIGH-PERFORMANCE 1/2-A COMBAT (Double elimination) (10 entries)
1. Doss Porter, 5-1
2. Robert Smith, 4-2 (8)
3. Don Jensen, 4-2
4. Don McKay, 2-2 (3)
Gene Pape, 2-2 (3)
6. Buzz Wilson, 1-2
Lane Puckett, 1-2
8. Lee Letchworth, 0-2
Jeff Rein, 0-2
Jim Green, 0-2

VINTAGE DIESEL COMBAT (4 rounds) (5 entries)
1. Robert Smith, 4-0 (5)
2. Jeff Rein, 2-2 (4)
3. Don McKay, 2-2 (3)
4. Buzz Wilson, 1-3 (2)
5. Lee Letchworth, 1-3

A Profile Carrier plane makes a slow pass over the deck. Flying Lines photo.

Navy Carrier: Event Director Mike Potter

1. Burt Brokaw, Tucson, Ariz., 437.8
2. Jim Schneider, Mountain House, Calif., 423.2
Two other entries did not score

1. Burt Brokaw, 459.8
2. Jim Schneider, 416.1

1. Burt Brokaw, 356.6
2. Eric Conley, Gardnerville, Nev., 332.
3. Jim Schneider, 327.7
One other entry did not score

.15 NAVY CARRIER (5 entries)
1. Eric Conley, 273.1
2. Burt Brokaw, 271.1
Three other entries did not score

1. Burt Brokaw, 609.8

1. Jim Schneider, 480.9
2. Burt Brokaw, 440.4
3. Rich Salter, Tenino, Wash., 412.6 (1)
One other entry did not score

1. Eric Conley, 203.2
2. Burt Brokaw, 203.1
3. Daniel Johnson, Rochester, Wash.,193.6 (12)
4. Mike Potter, Auburn, Wash., 192 (11)
5. Nathan Johnson, Rochester, Wash., 185.4
6. Scott Johnson, Rochester, Wash., 179.6
7. Doug Oertli, Centralia, Wash., 173.3
8. Rich Salter, 156.2
9. Russell Shaffer, Klamath Falls, Ore., 155.1
10. Marc Winz, Edgewood, Wash., 86
Four other entries did not score

Paul Gibeault (left) instructs Daniel Johnson on the fine art of racing piloting. Flying Lines photo.

Racing: Event Director Dave Green

MOUSE RACE CLASS I (2 entries)
1. Johnson Team, Rochester, Wash., 8:26.88 (2)
2. Paul Gibeault, Leduc, Alberta, 9:29.25

NORTHWEST FLYING CLOWN RACE (3 entries) (10-minute feature)
1. Ron Howell, Mukilteo, Wash., 153 laps (3)
2. Johnson Team, 60 laps (2)
3. Allen Hoffman, Magalia, Calif., DNS

1. Dave Shrum, Roseburg, Ore., 10:35.39 (3)
2. Jess Walls, Bayside, Calif., 63 laps
3. Paul Gibeault, 60 laps

1. Paul Gibeault, 7:27.88
2. Mike Hazel (Nitroholics Racing Team), Mehama, Ore., 7:49.96 (2)
3. Dave Shrum, no score available due to stopwatch error (1)

Some of the scale airplanes lined up before static judging. Flying Lines photo.

Scale: Event Directors Pat Johnston and Mark Scarborough

Don Chandler, Red Bluff, Calif., Ercoupe, 96 points

SPORT SCALE (2 entries)
1. Floyd Carter, Eugene, Ore., Gee Bee, 133 points (2)
2. Don Chandler, P-47, 90

PROFILE SCALE (2 entries)
1. Don Chandler, Citabria, 115 points
2. Henry Hajdik, New Westminster, B.C., P-51D, (1)

Getting ready for a speed flight (from left), Ken Burdick, pilot Mike Hazel, contestant Bruce Tunberg. Flying Lines photo.

Speed: Event Director Mike Hazel

1/2-A SPEED (1 entry)
1. Jerry Rocha, Napa, Calif., 101.68 mph

1/2-A PROTO SPEED (8 entries)
1. Jerry Rocha, 100.66 mph
2. Paul Gibeault, 97.38
3. Karl Caldwell, Sparks, Nev., 95.86
4. Bruce Tunberg, McMinnville, Ore., 86.07 (5)
5. Scott Newkirk, Edmonds, Wash., 84.79
6. Buzz Wilson, 82.32
7. Ken Burdick, Kamloops, B.C., 80.42
8. Jim Rhoades, Salt Lake City, Utah., 77.4

A SPEED (1 entry)
No entry flew.

B SPEED (3 entries)
1. Rich Salter, 119.35 mph (1)
Two other entries did not fly

C SPEED (4 entries)
1. Karl Caldwell, 162.24 mph
2. Ken Burdick, attempt (1.5)
Rich Salter, attempt (1.5)
One other entry did not fly

D SPEED (4 entries)
1. Ken Burdick, 176.4 mph (3)
2. Loren Howard, Ariel, Wash., 168.47 (2)
3. Karl Caldwell, 126.04
One other entry did not fly.

JET SPEED (2 entries)
No entry flew.

1. Jim Booker, La Grande, Ore., 156.58 mph (7) (Northwest Regionals record, eclipsing 142.74 by Dick Salter in 2010) (Northwest record, eclipsing 148.97 by Jim Booker on April 19, 2013)
2. Dick Shannon, Phoenix, Ariz., 148.6
3. Mike Hazel, 146.94 (5)
4. Jim Rhoades, 143.41
5. Jerry Rocha, 129.77
6. Guy Laine, Central Point, Ore., attempt
One other entry did not fly.

FORMULA 40 SPEED (3 entries)
1. Paul Gibeault, 159.07 mph
2. Rich Salter, 130.02 (2)
One other entry did not fly.

FAI SPEED (3 entries)
1. Jim Booker, 126.82 mph (1)
Two other entries did not fly.

.21 SPORT SPEED (6 entries)
1. Jerry Rocha, 155.37 mph
2. Karl Caldwell, 152.7
3. Rich Salter, 138.72 (4)
4. Scott Newkirk, 136.62 (3)
5. Ron Bennett, Monmouth, Ore., attempt
One other entry did not fly.

.21 PROTO SPEED (3 entries)
1. Jerry Rocha, 139.91 mph
Two other entries did not fly.

F2D PROTO SPEED (3 entries)
1. Jerry Rocha, 110.18 mph
Two other entries did not score.

David Fitzgerald's Thunder Gazer puts in the winning flight in Expert Precision Aerobatics. Flying Lines photo.

Stunt: Event Director Don McClave

Click for a results sheet by Howard Rush that includes all the airplanes and power plants

1. David Fitzgerald, Napa, Calif., 575
2. Paul Walker, Deer Park, Wash., 574 (27)
3. Brett Buck, Sunnyvale, Calif., 559.5
4. Howard Rush, Bellevue, Wash., 547 (24)
5. Bruce Perry, Edmonton, Alberta, 544.5
6. Chris Cox, Delta, B.C., 532
7. Jim Aron, El Cerrito, Calif., 530.5
8. Alan Resinger, Delta, B.C., 529
9. Mike Haverly, Auburn, Wash., 508
10. John Leidle, Kirkland, Wash., 507.5
11. Paul Pomposo, Sebastopol, Calif., 507
12. Igor Panchenko, Winnetka, Calif., 497.5
13. Richard Walbridge, Fresno, Calif., 496
Jim Rhoades, 496
15. Kestutis Dvarvydis, Los Angeles, Calif., 493
16. Bob Harness, Rosamond, Calif., 490.5
17. Keith Varley, Vancouver, B.C., 473
18. Steve Helmick, Renton, Wash., 447.5
One other entry did not fly
Judges: Bruce Hunt and Ted Fancher.

1. Dave McCheyne, Delta, B.C., 509.5 (15)
2. Peter Cunha, Citrus Heights, Calif., 502.5
3. Gary Gingerich, Thatcher, Ariz., 496
4. Mark Scarborough, Pullman, Wash., 493.5 (12)
5. Lanny Shorts, Truckee, Calif., 487
6. Dane Covey, Tacoma, Wash., 486.5
7. Mark Wasnick, Tulare, Calif, 481
8. Gordon Rea, Eugene, Ore., 470.5
9. Floyd Carter, Eugene, Ore., 466.5
10. Mike Massey, Cottage Grove, Ore., 464
11. Brian Massey, Madera, Calif., 457.5
12. Fred Staley, Visalia, Calif., 448
13. Bob Duncan, Fair Oaks, Calif., 432.5
14. Richard Entwhistle, Scappoose, Ore., 414
15. Tom Strom, Olympia, Wash., 252
Judges: Dave Royer and Dave Gardner

1. Doug Knoyle, Salem, Ore., 400 (7)
2. Paul Gibeault, 399
3. Jim Harper, Portland, Ore. (5)
4. Tim Wescott, Oregon City, Ore., 390.5 (4)
5. Mark Winz, 346.5
6. Bryan Carr, Calgary, Alberta, 333.5
7. Russell Shaffer, 320.5
One other entry did not fly
Judges: Joan Cox and Alice Cotton

1. Tom Brightbill, Oregon City, Ore., 154.5 (4)
2. Jess Walls, 148
3. Daniel Johnson, 136 (2)
4. Jerry Olson, Clackamas, Ore., 56 (1)
Judges: Joan Cox and Alice Cotton

CLASSIC STUNT (13 entries)
1. Jim Rhoades, 540.5
2. Pete Peterson, Tacoma, Wash., 538.5 (12)
3. Jim Aron, 535
4. Bob Harness, 520.5
5. Mark Wasnick, 497.5
6. John Leidle, 495
7. Peter Cunha, 481
8. Gordon Rea, 457.5
9. Mark Scarborough., 427
10. Brian Massey, 412.5
11. Mike Massey, 409
12. Dave Denison, Keizer, Ore., 372.5
13. Marc Winz, 337
Judges: Don McClave and Richard Walbridge

NOSTALGIA 30 STUNT (3 entries)
1. Bob Duncan, 474.5
2. Lanny Shorts, 473
3. Fred Staley, 454.5
Judges: Richard Walbridge and Alan Resinger

OLD-TIME STUNT (9 entries)
1. Dave Royer, Portland, Ore., 295 (9)
2. Pete Peterson, 289.75 (8)
3. Burt Brokaw, 279.5
4. Jim Rhoades, 272.75
5. Lanny Shorts, 264.5
6. John Thompson, 245.5
7. Russell Shaffer, 225.5
8. Floyd Carter, 215.75
9. Bob Duncan, 190.5
Judges: Alan Resinger and Leo Mehl

1. Mike Haverly, 491.5 (6)
2. Bruce Hunt, Lake Stevens, Wash., 464.5 (5)
3. Dave McCheyne. 455 (4)
4. Keith Varley, 448.5 (3)
5. John Thompson, Eugene, Ore., 432
6. Pat Johnston, Boise, Idaho, 428.5
Two other entries did not fly.
Judges: David Fitzgerald and Paul Walker

1. Tom Strom, 461.5 (12)
2. Bob Duncan, 441.5
3. Tim Wescott, 434.5 (10)
4. Doug Knoyle, 434 (9)
5. Dane Covey, 433
6. Jim Harper, 427
Fred Staley, 427
8. Russell Shaffer, 414.4
9. Gordon Rea, 407.5
10. Bryan Carr, 403
11. Marc Winz, 388
12. Mark Scarborough, 308.5
Two other entries did not fly.
Judges: David Fitzgerald and Paul Walker

Event Directors' reports

Speed report

By Mike Hazel

The weather was mostly favorable this year, with Saturday being just great.  Friday started off quite cool and with threatening skies, but we never got wet.  The jets did not seem to like the cool weather but once it warmed just a bit everything was OK.

Entry level was up and down throughout the events.  The 1/2 A Proto is usually one of the most popular and this year was no different with eight entrants, and everyone put a time on the board!  Average performance levels here are also up, as you have to get into the 90 mph to even place.  The modified Picco engine has gained in popularity.

Fast flight of the meet was Ken Burdick’s 176+ romp with the “Louie-Mobile.”  Loren Howard used all his attempts in “D” to try and catch him but could not. Karl Caldwell utilized his Nelson .40-powered “Bomber” in both C and D classes.

The team of Ron Bennett and Scott Newkirk had a huge pile of planes to fly, and it looked like they got about half of them in the air or at least readied. Rich Salter also had plenty of entries to squeeze into his one day, and got flights with most of those.

The Sport Jet class enjoyed an upswing in popularity, due to Jim Booker’s fine efforts with his “Pod Racer” design.  This design swept the top three places, and set a new Sport Jet record with 156 mph, and doing it twice just to make sure.

Dick Shannon came up from Arizona to check in on the NW speed scene, and seemed to be enjoying himself.  Jerry Rocha took five first places, thereby clinching the overall Speed champion award.

Thanks to all the speed contestants for a assisting with the timing and in general helping to make a smooth running contest.

Combat report

By Gene Pape

What an exciting year for Combat at the Regionals! We are finally getting the Californians to come again. Along with regular Lee Letchworth, this year Doss Porter and Lane Puckett came from Merced, and Don Jensen came all the way up from L.A..

We also had a very special guest. Mike Mosbrooker, our AMA district XI vise president came down from Oak Harbor, Washington. We were honored to have him spend nearly the entire contest at the combat circle. This was the first time I'm aware of that any AMA vice president has come to the Regionals. I had the opportunity to visit with Mike a fair bit. After meeting him, I don't believe our sport could have a better representative.

Normally, I have been able to give a fair bit of an overview of the competition. This year, what I have is mostly a blur that started on Friday with Vintage Diesel Combat. Entry was down a bit in this class. Especially missed was Mel Lyne who is caring for his wife who is being treated for cancer. The prognosis is for a full recovery, and we all wish her well. Lee Letchworth who flew some of Mel's models last year brought his own this year. The Broadway Bod Busters group filled out the rest of the field. Robert Smith won the event in convincing fashion beating Jeff Rein with Don McKay third. Robert looked like he was going to be the guy to finally take the Combat Grand Champion trophy from Jeff.

Photo: Don Jensen (left) and Buzz Wilson in Combat action. Flying Lines photo.

Saturday dawned with perfect weather for 1/2A Combat. Doss Porter used a model of his own construction to beat all the Sonic Chickens for first place. Jeff Rein uncharacteristically lost out in the first two rounds, and Robert Smith finished second in the event to give Robert the lead for the Combat Champion trophy . Don Jensen finished third.

80 mph Combat was next up with the largest number of contestants, 11, in a Regionals combat event in several years. Eldon Samuel came out of retirement to compete with the usual cast of characters. We flew until after 7 p.m. and left the finals for Sunday morning. Jeff Rein put himself back in the running for the Combat Champion trophy by winning the event over Doss Porter with Don Jensen again third.

Now it was time for Fast Combat. Much to my surprise, we had 9 entries for this event. This is the only high performance combat event where nearly all of the contestants were flying models of their own construction. There were showers off and on during the day with one of them leaving the concrete circle center pad slippery and Lee Letchworth nearly falling. After much discussion, we created and alternate center circle in the grass adjacent to the concrete pad with the agreement that the pilots would make the decision which circle to use once the nest match started. Fortunately, the weather improved and the concrete circle was the choice for the rest of the contest. After many good matches, and some not so good, Lee Letchworth had won with his Bigfoot design. Jeff Rein was second, and Robert Smith third. This narrowly gave Jeff the Regionals Combat trophy yet again.

After the awards presentation, and showers, nearly all of the combat flyers converged on the China Sun restaurant for a general bull session. With everyone leaving on a positive note, and word from the airport that the contest site may be available again, I'm looking forward to doing it all again next year.

Regionals Photo Gallery
A random selection of scenes from the 43rd Regionals

Gentlemen, start your engines! A 1/2-A Combat match gets under way. In the background, Lee Letchworth heads for the handle as Don Jensen holds; in the foreground, Don McKay starts his engine as Jeff Rein holds. Flying Lines photo.

In the same match, Don McKay demonstrates the value of the safety thong. Flying Lines photo.

An unusual entry in Classic Stunt was Bob Harness' Two Bits, powered by pusher and puller electric motors. Flying Lines photo.

Jim Booker set a Northwest record with his Pod Racer Northwest Sport Jet airplane. Flying Lines photo.

At left, a jet speed awaits action. On right, Henry Hajdik's P-51D Profile Scale entry. Flying Lines photos.

Jeff Rein fuels his Vintage Diesel Combat plane while Don McKay holds. Flying Lines photo.

Burt Brokaw pilots a ME-109P Profile Carrier plane while official Eric Conley watches. Flying Lines photo.

Mark Scarborough shows off a beautiful semi-scale stunter. Flying Lines photo.

Paul Gibeault (left) continues to mentor the young fliers, talking Nathan Johnson through his first race. Flying Lines photo.

Daniel Johnson may be new at racing, but shows expert form retrieving the Johnson Team Clown racer on a pit stop. Flying Lines photo

Racing DirectorDave Green conducts a race. Flying Lines photo.

Scale planes: Floyd Carter's Gee Bee at left, Don Chandler's Citabria at right. Flying Lines photos.

Scale judges at work: At left, Pat Johnston weigh's Don Chandler's P-47 as Mark Scarborough watches. Flying Lines photo.

Profile Stunt pilots were thrilled to perform their patterns in front of two former world champions, Paul Walker (left) and David Fitzgerald. Flying Lines photo.

Stunt planes: Bob Harness's Coca-Cola-badged plane on the left, Paul Walker's latest electric Impact on the right. Flying Lines photos.

Mike Haverly's Sultan on the left, Jim Rhoades' Apteryx on the right. Flying Lines photos.

Pat Johnston's Mustang on the left, Paul Pomposo's Temptation II on the right. Flying Lines photos.

Rich Walbridge's Diva on the left, Bruce Perry's Jester on the right. Flying Lines photos.

At left, Brett Buck's Infinity, at right Keith Varley's E-Sultan. Flying Lines photos


At left, Howard Rush's electric Impact, at right, Mark Wasnick's Wazzi.

At left, Mark Wasnick's Tempest, at right, Dave Denison's Shark. Jim Corbett photos.

Alan Resinger (left) and Chris Cox with their Crossfires. The plane is a Bob Hunt design for electric power. Flying Lines photo.

David Fitzgerald signals for his Expert-winning flight as Brett Buck holds. Flying Lines photo.

Expert Precision Aerobatics judges Bruce Hunt (left) and Ted Fancher. Flying Lines photos.

Stunt fliers lined up for the weigh-in. Flying Lines photo.

Registration workers Kathy Thompson (left) and Barbara White. Jim Corbett photo.

Volunteers set up the trophies for the celebration. Jim Corbett photo.

Results of this contest are included in the Northwest Competition Standings.

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