Dennis Nunes' Circulas 46 IIe for Profile Stunt. Dennis Nunes photo.

Turning to the Dark Side

The Building of Circulas 46 IIe

Dennis Nunes of Stockton, Calif., has designed a series of beautiful engine-powered stunt planes, all variations of the "Circulas" name. Recently he made his first foray into electric Stunt with the construction of the profile Circulas 46 IIe. Dennis has documented the design and construction of the new plane in an extensive article, available here in PDF form.

Dennis explains: I thought I would make available a document that I’ve put together entitled “Turning to the Dark Side – The Building of Circulas 46 IIe” of my very first electric control line model airplane. This large 98-page PDF ile (12mb) is about my thoughts and decisions for designing, developing, building and the flying of my first electric control line model airplane from start to finish. This 8-part article contains step-by-step instructions along with a number of photos from start to finish.

Following the original article is Part 9 -- on the plane's debut at the 2021 National Championships.

The articles are worth reading for any Stunt enthusiast. Click the links below to download the articles!

July 2021 update:

Turning to the Dark Side: The Building of Circulas 46 IIe

Updated! The Circulas 46 IIe makes its debut at the 2021 Nats

Dennis placed fourth in Advanced Precision Aerobatics at the 2021 U.S. Nationals, flying his Circulas IIe. It was the first competition for the Circulas IIe after its completion during the pandemic.

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