Jerry Eichten makes a flight on the asphalt circle at Bill Riegel Model Air Park. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Lucky Hand Fun Fly 2022

Salem, Ore., July 2, 2022

"Fun" was the operative word as control-line fliers gathered at Bill Riegel field to participate in the Western Oregon Control Line Flyers' annual poker hand game. Fourteen enthusiasts played the poker game and a number of others were on hand to fly and/or observe.

Weather was mild — cool early in the day but warming nicely, with a light, steady breeze most of the day.

Both the asphalt and grass circles were busy, with a large variety of stunt, combat and sport planes making flights.

The poker game works like this: Every time someone makes a flight, they get a playing card; when they have five cards, they have a poker hand. Best hand wins half the entry fees — and second- through fifth-place hands get merchandise prizes. This year, John Thompson of Eugene, Ore., had the best hand, taking home the cash prize. Russ Hester of Florence, Ore., was second, Gene Pape of Eugene was third, Walter Hicks of Central Point, Ore., was fourth, and Chris Nicholls of Glide, Ore., was fifth.

Poker hand participants were: Terence Bardue, Craig Bartlett, Mark Crouse, Gary Harris, Russ Hester, Walter Hicks, Bob Lewis, Chris Nicholls, Gene Pape, Dave Royer, Mark Schluter, Dave Shrum, John Thompson and Gary Weems

Lucky Hand Fun Fly photos

Mark Schluter flies his Tutor. Flying Lines photo.

Mike Hazel tues the engine on his Skyray Carrier plane, destined for the upcoming U.S. Nationals. In his right hand is the controller for the radio-controlled throttle. Flying Lines photo.

Steve Lindstedt launches the Skyray for its maiden flight. Flying Lines photo.

Gene Pape prepares to fly his vintage Voodoo with Russ Hester assisting. Flying Lines photo.

Bill Mix at the handle. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Dave Shrum prepares his Yak-9 for flight. Flying Lines photo.

Chris Nicholls check balance. Flying Lines photo.

A truckload of just-for-fun control-line planes; this is the vehicle of Gene Pape and John Thompson. Gene Pape photo.

Closer look at Pape's Voodoo, with Fox Rocket power. Gene Pape photo.

Jerry Eichten had this Pathfinder for sale. Steve Lindstedt photo.

A classic Firecat, powered by McCoy .35. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Two planes from the Roseburg area fliers. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Two more from Roseburg: A Twister on the left and a Yak-9. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Another classic profile: A Shoestring. Steve Lindstedt photo.

All business: Russ Hester test-flew this Nelson .36-powered AMA Fast Combat plane. Steve Lindstedt photo.

John Thompson's fun-fly fleet ranged from the .010-powered Wee Wun (yellow wings) to a Nelson-powered AMA Fast. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Dave Royer's Stunt plane. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Gene Pape's Half Fast III vintage Combat plane. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Walter Hicks' Mr. Mulligan. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Terrance Bardue's Chipmunk. Steve Lindstedt photo.

One of several vintage Combat planes on hand: John Thompson's Sneeker, with vintage Johnson Combat Special power. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Gary Weems' Skylark. Photos do not capture the subtle checkerboard pattern in the cream-colored areas. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Two more of Gary Weems' planes: A Buster on the left and a Flite Streak. Flying Lines photo.

Mark Schluter's Twister. Flying Lines photo.

A Navy Carrier plane with the controller for its RC throttle. Flying Lines photo.

Twin engines provide double the fun! Steve Lindstedt photo.

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