Floyd Carter's Pied Piper puts in a flight at the 2018 Lucky Hand Fun Fly. Flying Lines photo.

Lucky Hand Fun Fly 2018

Salem's traditional poker hand party keeps the sky full of CL planes

Salem, Ore., July 14, 2018

Nonstop flying and hobnobbing was the business of the day at the Lucky Hand Fun Fly at Bill Riegel Model Airpark -- and, oh, there was a poker-hand game that ended up in prizes at the end! Weather was warm, with very light breeze, making for a fine flying day.

It was a small field of fliers but enough to keep the circle busy. Stunt and sport planes, and several tiny 1/2-A-powered models were on hand. Each flight garnered a playing card. Five flights made a poker hand.

The cash prize of half the entry fees went to Jerry Eichten of Newberg, Ore. Second place went to Dave Royer of Portland, Ore., who selected from an array of merchandise grab bags. Gene Pape of Eugene, Ore., had the third-best hand.

Western Oregon Control-line Flyers President Craig Bartlett ran the poker hand and prize table.

Several other CL enthusiasts and spectators helped make it a social event as well as a flying gathering.

Lucky Hand Fun Fly photos

Big and little! The purple-and-gold plane is John Thompson's "Lil' Dawg," a Blackhawk Models Golden Hawk, painted in Washington Huskies colors. The big plane is a modified Twin Flite Streak (69-inch wingspan!), powered by two O.S. LA .15 engines. Flying Lines photo.

It was great to see Alice Cotton-Royer enjoying the action. Flying Lines photo.

Dave Royer's Sig Skyray. Flying Lines photo.

Floyd Carter, 85, at the handle of his Pied Piper, an original design. Flying Lines photo.

Craig Bartlett administered the poker hand board, with help from Steve Lindstedt. Flying Lines photo.

Gene Pape launches John Thompson's Evil Twin. Jerry Eichten photo.

Gene Pape's electric Super Clown. The plane is available almost ready to fly, complete with electric gear, from Brodak. Flying Lines photo.

John Thompson at the handle of the Evil Twin. Jerry Eichten photo.

Another of Floyd Carter's original stunt plane designs. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Gene Pape designed this little .049-powered plane as a test bed for finishing products -- it's a stable flier. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Steve Lindstedt's Yak. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Floyd Carter's fuels his original design 4-Putt, powered by a four-stroke engine. Steve Lindstedt photo.

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