Lineup of planes at Jim Walker Memorial Field at Delta Park in Portland, Ore. Planes (from right): Coon Dog, Ringmaster, Junior Magician, Mustang, Clown, Twister, Atlantis. Barbara White photo.

Control-line fliers greet another New Year

Rice Mill Road field, Richond, B.C., and Jim Walker Memorial Control-Line Flying Field, Portland, Ore., Jan. 1, 2022

Groups of CL fliers turned out on New Year's Day for traditional fun-fly events that celebrated the beginning of 2022 in Portland, Ore., and in Richmond, B.C.

In Portland it was Oregon Flying Fun No. 1, hosted by the Northwest Fireballs, which was the first of four traditional Oregon winter fun sessions. (See Where the Action Is for details of the upcoming events.

In Richmond, fliers from the Vancouver Gas Model Club gathered for the annual Polar Bear Fun Fly.

Here are reports from the clubs on the activities:

Oregon Flying Fun No. 1

By Barbara White and Mike Hazel 

Fun Fly #1 started as schedule at 10 a.m. on New Year’s Day at Delta Park in Portland.  Ten flyers in total, with the first flight put up by Leighton Mangels at 10:30 a.m. and the last flight touching down just before 2 p.m.  

The shifting weather forecast had us planning everything from a traditional fun fly with food and prizes to a quick first-plane-up and retire to Shari’s.  As it turned out, the fields were clear (no snow, no rain), the wind was light, and the temperatures were acceptable, from 22F to 35F.  Darrin Bishop brought a propane heater to keep folks warm in a rotating schedule all day.  

Close to 20 flights were put up on this first day of the year.  Lots of visiting, as well.  Engines were harder to start because of the cold; some did not.

In addition to coffee, and excellent lunch was served around 1 p.m. -- pots of chili (with cheese and onion on the side) and pans of cornbread.  Lunch was cleared and raffle prizes were drawn just as the day drew to a close.  

More Portland photos

Leighton Mangels makes a flight. Barbara White photo.

Gary Harris launches for Darrin Bishop. Mike Hazel photo.

Doug Powers at the handle. Barbara White photo.

Don Curry flies the Mustang. Barbara White photo.

Small planes await action on the grass circle. Barbara White photo.

Mike Hazel flies his Ringmaster. Barbara White photo.

Roy Decamara at the hndle. Mike Hazel photo.

Roy Decamara fires up the engine as leighton Mangels holds. Mike Hazel photo.

Mike Hazel shows off his vintage Sneeker to Roy Decamara (left) and Gary Harris. Barbara White photo.

Chili for lunch, a heater for warmth! Barbara White photo.

Handing out prizes. Barbara White photo.

The Portland fun-fliers, from left: Roy Decamara, Doug Powers, Don Curry, Darrin Bishop, Mike Hazel, Jim Cameron (in front), Leighton Mangels, Tim Wescott, Gary Harris. Barbara White photo.

Polar Bear Fun Fly

By Chris Cox

A small group of the Vancouver Gas Model Club showed up New year’s Day to get in that all important first flight of the new year at the Richmond, B.C, flying site.  Participants included Glenn Little, Dennis Cousineau, Dave McCheyne, Alan Resinger, James Cox (including wife and two daughters) and Chris Cox.

Polar Bear Fun Fly photos and videos

It took some work to find the circle and the center pad. Chris Cox photo.

Cleared for takeoff. Chris Cox photo.

In the air. Chris Cox photo.

See a short video of a takeoff from the snow.

See a short video of landing in the snow.

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