A model airplane fun fly or a scenic vista? You decide! This is the view of Jim Walker Memorial Control-Line Flying Field at East Delta Park in Portland, Ore. on Jan. 1, 2020. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Control-line fliers greet the New Year

Rice Mill Road field, Richond, B.C., and Jim Walker Memorial Control-Line Flying Field, Portland, Ore., Jan. 1, 2020

Big groups of CL fliers turned out on New Year's Day for traditional fun-fly events that celebrated the beginning of 2020 in Portland, Ore., and in Richmond, B.C.

In Portland it was Oregon Flying Fun No. 1, hosted by the Northwest Fireballs, which was the first of four traditional Oregon winter fun sessions. (See Where the Action Is for details of the upcoming events.

In Richmond, fliers from the Vancouver Gas Model Club and Pacific Aeromodellers Club gathered for the annual Polar Bear Fun Fly.

Here are reports from the clubs on the activities:

Oregon Flying Fun No. 1

Click to read report and see photos of the Portland fun fly by Doug Powers and Bill Lee.

Polar Bear Fun Fly

By Chris Cox

Following what seems like three months of continuous rain, the new decade was begun with sunny skies, mild temperatures and light winds. What a great way to start a new year! As per normal operations, the Vancouver Gas Model Club as well as Pacific Aeromodellers Club members, began arriving at the Rice Mill flying site shortly after 9 a.m. in order to get those all-important first flights of the year in.

First flight of the year honours went to Tom Stevens, flying his electrified and slightly reduced in size (so that it will fit in a suitcase when traveling on business) Flight Steak.  This first flight was no easy feat as Tom and his wife live in Victoria and had to board the 7 a.m. ferry in order to arrive at the Rice Mill  site by 9!

I counted over 20 members present during the next few hours, and the majority of them successfully flew at least one flight while some of us opted for multiple flights!  Coffee and donuts were available for those needing a little internal warm up, but overall it was a most pleasant day.  

Around noon a bunch of us were thinking more about food than flying, so we headed to the local Boston Pizza for pizza, nachos and burgers.

202O is officially underway!

Polar Bear Fun Fly photo gallery

Bob Baldock is in the air and still smiling. Chris Cox photo.

Dennis Cousineau ready to start. Chris Cox photo.

Past VGMC President Bruce Duncan sets the needle on his Flite Steak while Glenn Little holds. Bob Baldock watching a few feet away appears to approve. Chris Cox photo.

Following two successful missions, Chris Cox' mighty Hellcat sits back and watches the action! Chris Cox photo.

Glenn Little sets the needle on his recently overhauled Mustang as Dave McCheyene assists. Chris Cox photo.

Glenn Little with his Tutor/Mustang. A great flying airplane! Chris Cox photo.

Dave McCheyne borrows Glenn Little’s Mustang for a little air time. The Mustang actually began life as a Tutor, but Glenn modified into a much more recognizable aircraft. Chris Cox photo.

Tom Stevens and his wife took the ferry over from Victoria. Chris Cox photo.

A crowd watches Dennis Cousineau get ready for a flight. Chris Cox photo.

Bob Baldock ready to fly, with Glenn Little helping. Chris Cox photo.

Doughnuts and coffee! Chris Cox photo.

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