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Should we consolidate?

By Gene Pape
May 2018

As I was getting things ready for the coming flying season earlier this month, I realized just what a ridiculous range of equipment I have.

Just for lines I have .012"x42' for use on models with leadouts, .012"x42' for use on models with leadouts, .012"x42' for use on ½-A models with leadouts, .012"x 42' for use on ½-A models without leadouts, .015"x42' for use on models without leadouts, .015"x42' 1 ¾”  for use on F2D models without leadouts, .015"x60' for use on F2D Speed Limit models without leadouts, .018"x60' for use on full-size models without leadouts and .021"x60' for full-bore Fast models.

That’s eight different kinds of lines alone.  I also have Cyclon and Fora ½-A engines, Fora and Redco F2D engines, ASP and Evolution speed limit engines, and Nelson Fast engines.  Add to that various kinds of 1/2A models, F2D models, and 80mph/Fast models and you have a lot of different stuff to keep going.  Best case scenario for flying the three events we commonly fly in the Northwest is one kind of ½-A model and lines and one kind of model for speed limit and Fast using the same lines. 

The above is a cross-section of the kinds of models that have been used over the years in Combat events. Gene Pape photo.

The Texans have an even cleaner solution. They fly F2D as their main event. Their secondary event is F2D flown using Fast rules. For an entry-level event, they fly AMA Speed Limit Combat using F2D models.  They only need one model, one engine, one kind of glow plug, and two kinds of lines. This could be cleaned up a bit further by reducing the speed limit to 65 mph and using 52’ 1 ¾” F2D lines.  Yes, you would need a low performance engine for Speed Limit.  You can buy one from Yaro when you buy all the other stuff you need from him.  Or, you could use your old stinky diesels.

While I love to fly Fast Combat and our current package of events suits me, I’m starting to think that as we approach, or have passed 70 years of age, the slightly lower performance models and less clutter in our lives might be a good idea.  I hope those of you who fly Combat in the Northwest will think about this and give each other some feedback so we can decide what to do for contests going forward.

The biggest drawback we have here for doing F2D is the amount of knowledgeable volunteers required to run the event properly.  If we get our heads together and ask for help from the Texans, we may be able to come up with a workaround.  If we decide to do something like this, I would still like to see at least on contest for Fast (the Bladder Grabber?) each year for a while longer.  And yes, I realize that others have suggested this kind of approach to our Combat events in the past and I was one of the biggest opponents to it.

-- Gene

(EDITOR'S NOTE: A comment thread on this topic has been started in the Northwest CL Forum.

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