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By John Thompson

Racing Made Easy

A few years ago the Nitroholics Racing Team created a packet of information designed to help people get into control-line racing in the Pacific Northwest. The packet contained a general article with everything a beginner would need to know to get started in racing, plus articles about setting up airplanes for the two most popular racing classes, and rules of the popular events. The packet was offered online through the Where the Action Is classified page.

Recently, we had one of those "duh" moments. Why not just post it here in the FL racing section in downloadable form? So, that's what we've done.

The information is geared toward racing in the Northwest. There is a wider world of racing, and lots of information can be found on the National Control Line Racing Association website and its fine newsletter, Torque Roll. But for Northwest activity, here's what you need to get started:

Racing tip sheet: This is an article prepared for a CL racing seminar held in 2001, and it was revised in 2004. It contains extensive tips on pitting, piloting, contest protocol, teamwork and airplane preparation. It's the essential "how to get started" guide.

Northwest Sport Race: There are no secrets: This is the novice's guide to the Northwest's easiest and most popular racing event. It details how to set up an airplane and get ready to race. Rules for NWSR can be found on the Flying Lines Northwest Rules page.

Northwest Super Sport Race Ringmaster: For those who want to step up to the faster (and more fun) Northwest Super Sport class -- sort of a hot-rod version of Northwest Sport Race, author Mike Hazel tells you how to take a simple Ringmaster kit and modify it as a top-notch racer. Rules for NWSS can be found on the Flying Lines Northwest Rules page.

If you're interested in giving racing a try, download these three documents, along with the rules from the rules page, and before you know it, you'll be racing.


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