Broadway Bod Busters

The Bod Busters one million dollars!

By Ken Burdick

Yes folks, it's true,

No sooner did the BBB create and demonstrate a new speed event, not to mention setting three world records that have yet to be challenged, than we decided to try and make you rich by winning first in the F2D Proto Speed event.

Never before in the history of Model aviation has such a gesture been made. Sure.the Navy used to sponsor the Nationals in the "good ol days," cars have been given as prizes as well as an actual aircraft. But folks, let's get real for a second, no one, no-where has offered this sort of purse for any model competition ever. I am proud to say that this is a first and you are all invited to participate.

It's a known fact that the ****BBB**** has a long history of philanthropic activities that encompasses many communities. Our Press secretary Huevos Fritos has spent many a long evening covering our tracks as we are a humble group.

What would you do with the money? Would you retire, possibly travel the world? Why with that sort of money you might be able to buy one of those pre-made stunt planes you always wanted,

What would be your heart's desire?

WHERE: The Northwest Regionals Speed Circle.

WHEN: Friday, Saturday May 23, 24, 2008

WHY: Because we're The Broadway Bod Busters.

So come enter F2D Proto Speed and win a chance to become rich, it's up to you.

A comprehensive set of rules will is posted on the Flying Lines Northwest Rules section, be sure you read them and are in compliance.

Kenny B and the Bod Busters

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