Broadway Bod Busters

A View from Broadway

Bod Busters win at Riverside Challenge!

By Ken Burdick

RIVERSIDE, Calif. -- Once again the Broadway Bod Busters strut their stuff by winning third in one of the toughest Fast Combat contests in the U.S.

Riverside has always been one of the most challenging Fast meets of the year and this one was no exception. Top west Coast fliers like Hanauer, Athans, Maywald, Albert and Rudner are always in the top three.

Nitro and Nelsons are the order of the day and is no place for the light line F2D flyer looking for a snip here and there. One kill lets you know who's yer daddy and it can be over in a blink of an eye.

The setups were what you might expect, Nelsons and the mix of store-bought with some actual homemade airplanes. One exception to the engine rule was Howard Rush who used old Foxes brilliantly. Reports are that he was making violent kills and looked to be Howard of old (arguably one of the best Fast combat fliers ever to pick up a handle)

The top honors go to Daren Albert, who is an awesome flier and earns whatever he gets in any match, Bill Maywald took second place.

Bod Busters were being dispatched at a frightening rate, Jeff suffered from rust and staggered by two losses decided to back off, take a better look before jumping into an aggressive move and wear out his next opponent, Jeff Hanauer. The rusty legend was killed instantly.

It was Mike Rule, Bod Buster and coolest dude on the coast who stood tall and missed the finals by a balky Nelson that didn't start in one hit. Mike had been on the bubble for several matches and apparently likes it there ... keeps him lean and mean.

Mike paid Jeff Hanauer back for the instant kill on Jeffrey, winning third in a hard-fought match.

There is nothing quite like a fast meet to get your blood running, 2D is great but there is nothing like Fast. Stay tuned for TOP DOG on Aug 4 and 5 at Harvey field. Two days of triple-elim combat in both 80 mph and FAST. Bring line tension shutoffs only

As they proved to be working without failure at Riverside.

All thanks to Bill Maywald for putting on a great contest in the tradition of Fast Combat.

Special thanks to the one and only Greg Carter for running it and showing off his "Electro-Honker" 2007 and all of the others who helped put on this special event.

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