Broadway Bod Busters

Throw down in E-Town!

The BBB Challenges all comers!

By Ken Burdick

Yes Folks, it's true,

Infused with no less than three world records in speed, the BBB has come out swinging for the fences in 2009. In a recent letter received and conveyed by part time press secretary Huevos Rancheros, The BBB has been dissed by no less than a few speed fliers!

It reads:

Dear Looosers,

What do you think you are doing flying our event .21 Proto? Let me explain something to you knuckle-heads, this is the PREMIER speed event. It takes SKILL to even build one, what were you thinking? It's all well and good to play combat, enter lesser events such as stunt, but stay out of the centre of our speed circle!

Very Truly yours,

Monarch of the North.

Well ... your friendly neighborhood Bod Busters ain't taking this lying down! Obviously we have struck a nerve from some ol washed up speed guy. Head of Security Dirty Dan the Stunt Guru, tells us that this latest salvo could not have come from the Beavers! "They live South of here." (Is there any wonder why Dirt is head of security?) "NO" he went on, "this is an entirely new threat, possibly between the Canadian border and Alaska. The letter was meticulously written but the spelling of center is a give-away, this came from Canada!

Therefore We the BBB challenge the sovereign nation of Canada and all of its speed flying population to a Proto Speed duel, The CAN-AM PROTO SPEED DUEL. Some of the suspects might be The Hippie- Marty Higgs,Grinning- Paul Gibeault. Sneaky Les Akre, The Alien Mel Lyne! (oh no!) and one who has not been heard from in these parts for some time ... Partner!

Yes it's true that Paul did try to kill Kenny-B with a "D" speed ship by setting the needle to "go fast" Les Akre attempted to help us in Clown Race so we'd go crazy, The Alien is another story entirely, but Partner? This is used to be one dangerous dude. Back in the day, Partner would set records at random, and publish exactly how he did it! Sheesh, talk about ego!

Well, The BBB is here to say that we ain't scared-a no Partner 'r none of them guys.

We're taking over "B" class proto and that's a bet!

Throw-Down date: May 23rd and 24th

Where: North West Regionals Eugene Oregon.

Choice of weapons: .21 Proto

Loot (a chance to win): $1,000,000.00 (sponsored by the BBB!!!!)

The looosers will present the winnings to the Winner (the BBB) at the trophy presentations.

All wanna-be speed fliers welcome to watch, possibly enter? For help, contact Kenny-b.

-- Kenny-b and the Bod Busters

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