Broadway Bod Busters

Bod Busters Clone Don McKay!

By Ken Burdick

SECRET LABORATORY -- Yes, folks its true.

Don McKay (co- founder of the Broadway Bod Busters) has been cloned in the Bod Buster Micro Biology Lab. Those of you who know me may also know that I raised brilliant children who both are Engineers in Software programming, and Micro Biology.

The plan was to re-create the combat flying monster that was once and gone missing for 30 years, Don McKay.

The DNA was easy. I found an old yellow Top Flight 8x8 prop with a blood tain on it. This was our old days Rat Race prop and Don was left handed, so by process of elim... er, through careful scientific analysis, it was determined that we had the correct could be retrieved.

The project (code named Don Under Cover Klone or DUCK for short started out as most clones do, in a controlled environment with the usual test tubes, wire, bubbly stuff and some cools looking electronics borrowed from ... well, never mind.

The simple phrase "then something went terribly wrong" has been used before and won't be repeated here.

But something did go slightly awry, when the electrodes were put into place during the recent lightening storm, we were prepared and all seemed to be working to plan.

Jeff, however, frightened by a thunder clap, spilled the smallest amount of Corona beer onto the experiment. It was the tiniest amount mind you, but the combination gave us unexpected and startling results.

We had indeed cloned Don McKay, but an old one, somewhere around 60 years of age -- who couldn't fly!

We immediately embarked on a training program to teach the onetime ace to fly control line.

As with all monsters, teaching is an arduous journey, the genes were good so he only picked the handle up upside-down once. After that he was doing loops, flying inverted, landing and taking off with no problem, but diesel fuel got on him and dizziness set in sending him growling off into the brush at Riverside, we coaxed him out with a steak and a cute blonde with big hair.

Next week we will begin advanced training with Wakkerman F2D ships.

Not to generalize, but monsters of this sort run amuck now and again, ours was no exception and before we knew it, Don had purchased three Nelson .36's an F2D ship with engine and some other stuff for fast and 80 mph combat.

Some say it was a clone, others say Don contacted me after a 25 year walk-about, we may never know which is true, but you stand warned.

Don McKay has returned to the Bod Busters and is preparing to fly combat once again.

Don will be formally inducted into the Broadway Bod Busters at HQ in Beaverton, Ore., in the near future.

As always, you mess with him, you mess with us.

We welcome Don back.

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