Broadway Bod Busters

The Bod Busters welcomed a new member at the 2008 Diesel Mania contest. Combat and audio legend Bob Carver shows off his new BBB shirt, along with Bod Busters (from left) Ken Burdick, Jeff Rein and Don McKay. Broadway Bod Buster photo.

Bob Carver comes to Broadway

By Ken Burdick

Yes Folks, it's true,

Bob Carver by anyone's definition is unique and now has added to this by coming home to roost as one of the Broadway Bod Busters.

Bob has always been a friend of the BBB founders Kenny-B, Combat Monster Don McKay, and most all of the current and past Bod Busters. We were kids together and I still have memories of Bob flying combat at Seward Park when Don and I had to take the bus!

In the "old days" Bob's reflexes were frightening to say the least. His equipment was usually a silked, patched Voo-Doo and some sort of hopped up Fox that needed oil to start. If it did start, it was guaranteed to be "faster'n yers."

Keeping history alive is important, Bobs combat flying history is worth remembering. Founder of the Bladder Grabber (named by Dan Rutherford aka The Stunt Guru), Bob was uncompromising in wanting to create "The Best Combat Contest In The World."

I can't tell you how many debates and conversations were prefaced by and or decided by that statement. In the early eighties, Bob would post expensive full-page advertisements in The AMA magazine, Model Aviation. Cash and large prize offerings were put up to attract the best flyers. The idea always was to produce the best combat contest in the world. Bob enlisted the best of the best to carry out the workings of his beloved Bladder Grabber, Howard Rush, Norm McFadden, Jeffery Rein, Chris Cox, Gene Pape just to name a few. There have been others and plenty of involvement by experts. The list of contributors is very long indeed.

Pictured here are the some of the members of BB. The Stunt Guru had chased a butterfly away from his stunt ship and missed the photo op. The secret oath was taken as read aloud by team lawyer The Buzz Man. It's so secret we cannot even show a picture of it being read.

The puzzled look is due to one simple fact of the BBB, once you are a member, you cannot quit or be booted off the team. Being a Broadway Bod Buster means we want you for all time. The Combat monster, not aware of this technicality, is shown thinking over what "all time" might mean in his case since he is "nigh invulnerable."

Broadway Bob was formerly inducted into the BBB Saturday, July 19, 2008, and is the only member to be found Wikipedia for his contributions to the audio world.

As always, you mess with him, you mess with us.

We welcome Bob.

KennyB And The Bod Busters.


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