WOLF Barbecue and Fun Fly

Aug. 26, 2006, Salem, Ore.

It was a hot, sunny day ... perfect day for a barbecue. So control-line fliers from all over the Willamette Valley gathered in Salem, Ore., for the Western Oregon Control Line Flyers barbecue and fun fly.

Stunt, combat and sport planes were in the sky all day long -- that is, when we weren't lazing under the shade trees or chowing down on Mike's high-Zoot barbecue.

Flying started around 10 a.m. and went on all day.

Here are a few pictures that capture the spirit of the action:

Richard Entwistle launches Dave LaFever's Ringmaster, powered by a Fox .36X -- plenty of zip!

Left photo: Bruce Hunt test-runs the O.S. .40 FP on his profile Cardinal. Right: Gerald Schamp prepares the Praxis for a stunt flight.

Left photo: Mike "ZZ" Hazel demonstrates proper burger-flipping technique.

Below left: Dean Singleton flying -- and yes, that is a U-Reely in his hand! Below right: Scott Riese helps Greg Hart tune the engine in his J.D. falcon.

All photos by Flying Lines.

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