Stunt fliers gathered in Richmond, B.C., for the annual Western Canada Stunt Championships. Click on the picture for a larger view. Photos by Joan Cox, Chris Cox and Barrie Shandel.

2019 Western Canada Stunt Championships

Aug. 4, 2019, Richmond, B.C.

Report and results provided by Chris Cox

The WCSC was held once again over the Provincial holiday long weekend.  Weather proved to be hot and clear both days with some wind, but overall very manageable for those who chose to fly.  For the handful of those who did not fly, hopefully you will decide to do so next year!

This year’s event took on what can only be described as a true international flavour.  In addition to Paul Walker from Eastern Washington and Dennis Nunes from Stockton, Calif., we were delighted to have a couple of bona fide foreign travellers join us.  

Bruce Hoffman travelled all the way from Australia in order to fly some Stunt with us.  Well, truth be known, Bruce traveled here to do some vacationing with the added opportunity to fly some stunt.  Kevin Barnes and his wife, Karen, were in town all the way from New Zealand to visit their sons who have taken up semi-permanent residency here in Vancouver.  Both Bruce and Kevin accepted my offer to fly one of my Crossfires which really added to the overall event!  

I also need to acknowledge Neil and Laura Rogers from Edmonton coming to join us again and Bryan Carr from Calgary who was attending his 15th WCSC! Wow, thank you Bryan!

As we did last year, Saturday was designated a practise and coaching (for those who asked) day.  Lots of flying took place, with my loaner Crossfire logging the most flights for the day at no less than eight. Most of us got in about three or four flights before deeming ourselves “Stunt Worthy.” 

Saturday evening was the now traditional BBQ at our home, with Joan outdoing herself yet again with all forms of snacking and great food.  As usual, lots of fun and worth the travel time regardless of contest results!

On Sunday, with 15 entries and sunny skies, we flew two rounds of Stunt.  Again, kudos to those who elected to fly. The wind (breeze?) that some feared had little bearing of the actual flying conditions which were actually very predictable and quite nice.  I saw no one abort a flight due to wind.  Kudos to our judges, Paul Walker, Alan Resigner, Joan Cox, Dennis Nunes, and Karen Barnes.  Karen has been judging F2B back home and with a little cheat sheet which helped in the conversions of 1 to 10 scoring to our North American standard of 10 to 40, Karen was able to do a great job of judging.  This was also Dennis’ first crack at judging, and he too did a great job!

Thank you also to Barrie Shandel who took many pictures and was able to get the award pictures developed and back to us in record time?  Barrie has posted many of his pictures on The Alberta Control Line Facebook page along with a link to some video.  Check it out!

Following the contest, there was time to do a little flying of other people’s airplanes, and as usual, Paul Walker did his fair share of added flying and suggesting possible changes.  One highlight was following his flight of Arkady Gorosetsky’s new Hellcat, Paul suggested he change nothing and go practise.  Arkady was delighted with Paul’s evaluation.

Also fun was both Dennis Nunes and Neil Rogers taking flights on the previously mentioned Crossfire. This was a first time flying an electric airplane for both of them. Both were very pleasantly surprised to find how easy it was to fly and how comfortable they were only a few minutes into the flight.

So, 2019 WCSC is in the books.  For those that have thought they would like to sometime attend, but have not as of yet, please come join us in 2020.  I can all but guarantee you will have a good time!

(Northwest standings points in parentheses)

Paul Bedford, Maple Ridge, B.C. -- 82.5 (1)
Judges: Paul Walker and Alan Resinger

Dennis Cousineau, Vancouver, B.C. -- 347 (4)
2. Larry Lewin, Mission, B.C. -- 312 (3)
3. Glen Little, Vancouver, B.C. -- 275.5 (2)
4. Bryan Carr, Calgary, Alberta -- 187
Judges: Paul Walker and Alan Resinger

1. Dennis Nunes, Stockton, Calif. -- 474
2. Neil Rogers, Calgary, Alberta -- 447
3. Dave McCheyne, Delta, B.C. -- 437 (2)
4. Hube Start, Abbotsford. B.C. -- 353.5 (1)
Judges: Paul Walker and Alan Resinger

Paul Walker, Deer Park, Wash. -- 586.6 (9)
2. Chris Cox, Delta, B.C. -- 569.6 (7.5)
3. Alan Resinger, Delta, B.C. -- 528 (6)
4. Bruce Hoffman, Australia -- 518
5. Arkady Gorodetsky, Vancouver, B.C. -- 512
6. Kevin Barnes, New Zealand -- 511.6
Judges: Dennis Nunes and Karen Barnes

Photo gallery

Comparing planes.

The Expert fliers, from left: Chris Cox, Paul Walker, Arkady Gorodetsky, Kein Barnes, Alan Resinger and Bruce Hoffman.

Chris Cox's Crossfire got lots of use over the weekend.

Dennis Cousineau gets his prize for winning Intermediate Precision Aerobatics from Contest Director Chris Cox (right).

Dave McCheyne and Chris Cox.

Bruce Hoffman (left) and Kevin Barnes used Chris Cox's backup Crossfire.

Joan Cox and grandson Riker present the Concours d'Elegance award to Alan Resinger.

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