A big lineup of aerobatics planes at the Richmond site as weather compressed all the events into one day. Joe Yau photo.

2016 Western Canada Stunt Championships

July 30-31, Richmond, B.C.

Report and results provided by Chris Cox

Unfortunately, Saturday was a "Blow-Out," resulting in no flying.  Forecast for Sunday was for less wind, and for a change, the weather guy actually got it right!  Day began with light to moderate winds, but as predicted, the wind abated as the day moved along, making for some very pleasurable stunt weather.  By midafternoon the wind almost disappeared, and a few thermals popped up making for some less than ideal stunt flying conditions, but overall, it was a very nice day.

With no flying on Saturday, and what appeared to be a manageable number of contestants, the decision was made to go for it, and run all events in Sunday.  We managed to pulled it off, but there were some pretty tired folks towards the end at 5 p.m.

Special thanks to our out-of-towners who came to participate.  Notably, Lanny and Joyce Shorts from Truckee, Calif.; Bryan Carr from Calgary, Alberta; Steve Helmick from Seattle area; Addis Elmore all the way from Texas! (OK, not really., Washington right now); and Randy Powell up from Wildwood, Wash.

Thanks as well to our event workers, Joan, James and Lorraine Cox -- tabulation, Gerry Boyd -- trophy photography, Keith Varley, pull-test, field set-up and pit boss, Joan Cox, Alan Resinger, Steve Helmick, Ron Belcourt, Hube Start, Keith Varley -- judging.

And of course the report would not be complete without mentioning yet another best ever BBQ event at the Cox's on Saturday evening.  Joan, you are amazing!

(Northwest standings points in parentheses)

OLD-TIME STUNT (2 entries)
. Denis Cousineau, Vancouver, B.C. -- 225.25 (2)
2. Paul Bedford, Maple Ridge, B.C. -- 148 (1)
Judges: Alan Resinger and Steve Helmick

CLASSIC STUNT (2 entries)
Lanny Shorts, Truckee, Calif. -- 436
2. Denis Cousineau -- 395 (1)
Judges: Alan Resinger and Steve Helmick

PROFILE STUNT (4 entries)
1. Joe Yau, Coquitlam, B.C. -- 486 (4)
2. Lanny Shorts -- 484
3. Bryan Carr, Calgary, Alberta -- 442
4. Denis Cousineau -- 435.5 (1)
Judges: Alan Resinger and Steve Helmick

Paul Bedford -- 196 (1)
Judges: Hube Start and Ron Belcourt

Bryan Carr -- 514 (Bryan was observed kissing the judges following the event.)
2. Bob Baldock, Langley, B.C. -- 473 (3)
3. Denis Cousineau -- 455 (2)
4. Glenn Little, Vancouver, B.C. -- 370 (1)
Judges: Hube Start and Ron Belcourt

1. Arkady Gorodetsky, Vancouver, B.C. -- 509.5 (6)
2. Joe Yau -- 508.5 (5) (No appearance points foiled Joe of a double win)
3. Steve Helmick, Renton, Wash. -- 497 (4)
4. Addis Elmore, Redmond, Wash. -- 438 (3)
5. Hube Start -- 429
6. Lanny Shorts - 86.5
Judges: Chris Cox and Keith Varley

Chris Cox, Delta, B.C. -- 558 (6)
2. Randy Powell, Port Orchard, Wash. -- 534 (4.5)
3. Alan Resinger - 531.5 (3)
4. Keith Varley 443 (1.5)
Judges: Joan Cox and Steve Helmick

Photo gallery
(Some captions may be incomplete -- We're awaiting more info as noted below.)

Chris Cox's Defiant in the pits. Joe Yau photo.

Nice-looking color scheme on Arkady Gorodetsky's Trivial Pursuit. Joe Yau photo.

Hube Start's Score has four-stroke power. Joe Yau photo.

Randy Powell's Slider. Joe Yau photo.

This is Joe Yau's electric-powered Legacy. Joe Yau photo.

Paul Bedford's Oriental. Chris Cox photo.

Bob Baldock prepares for a flight in Intermediate Precision Aerobatics. Chris Cox photo.

Keith Varley returned to action as a judge after a bad ankle injury earlier in the year. This is his E-Sultan. Chris Cox photo.

An electric profile and an Old-Time stunter await action. Joe Yau photo.

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