Western Canada Stunt Championships

July 23-24, 2011, Richmond, B.C.

Lineup of planes on Saturday at the Western Canada Stunt Championships. Rex Abbott photo.

By Alan Resinger

Blessed with great weather, a small, but enthusiastic group of flyers gathered at the Rice Mill field in Richmond, B.C. for the 2011 version of the Western Canada Stunt Championships.

We had flyers from British Columbia, Alberta, Washington and Oregon to contest six events.

Saturday had both Profile Stunt and Classic with six contestants in each event. Sunday we flew four classes of Precision Aerobatics.

We also had the annual get together on Saturday evening at the Cox household which was well attended and appreciated. Special thanks to all the VGMC members that helped out with the preparation and running of the event.


Northwest standings points in parentheses.

PROFILE STUNT (6 entries)
Dave McCheyne, Delta, B.C. -- 496.5 (6)
2. Dan Rutherford, Bothell, Wash. -- 487 (5)
3. Joe Yau, Coquitlam, B.C. -- 4565 (4)
4. Steve Helmick, Renton, Wash. -- 447 (3)
5. Rex Abbott, Sequim, Wash. -- 437
6. Bryan Carr, Calgary, Alberta -- 420.5
Judges: Alan Resinger and Don McClave

CLASSIC STUNT (6 entries)
Pete Peterson, Tacoma, Wash. -- 523 (6)
2. Alan Resinger, Delta, B.C. -- 522.5 (5)
3. Mike Haverly, Auburn, Wash. -- 501 (4)
4. Don McClave, Portland, Ore. -- 501 (3)
5. Dan Rutherford -- 498
6. Bryan Carr -- 420
Judges: Chris Cox and Steve Helmick

Photo: Keith Varley launches for Lee Uberbacher. Joe Yau photo.

Glenn Little, Vancouver, B.C. -- 232 (2)
2. Paul Bedford. Maple Ridge, B.C. -- 207.5 (1)
Judges: Dave McCheyne and Lee Uberbacher

Bryan Carr -- 429
2. Rex Abbott -- 390 (1)
Judges: Steve Helmick and Dan Rutherford

Neil Rogers, Calgary, Alberta, -- 486.5
2. Dave McCheyne -- 480.5 (3)
3. Joe Yau -- 470 (2)
4. Steve Helmick -- 463.5 (1)
Judges: Chris Cox and Joan Cox

Chris Cox, Delta, B.C. -- 559.5 (6)
2. Alan Resinger -- 542 (4.5)
3. Dan Rutherford -- 520 (3)
4. Lee Uberbacher, Lynnwood, Wash. -- 497 (1.5)
Judges: Joan Cox and Steve Helmick

Watch a slideshow by Joe Yau of the Western Canada Stunt Championships

Watch a video by Joe Yau of the Western Canada Stunt Championships

More Western Canada Stunt Championships photos

Precision Aerobatics pits on Sunday. Joe Yau photo.

Chris Cox in inverted flight, with judges in the background. Rex Abbott photo.

Bryan Carr's Twister derivitave. Joe Yau photo.

Pete Peterson in flight. Rex Abbott photo.

Neil Rogers' SV-11. Joe Yau photo.

Joe Yau's Pathfinder, built by Keith Varley. Joe Yau photo.

Alan Resinger's Gypsy. Joe Yau photo.

Chris Cox's Saturn. Joe Yau photo.

Lee Uberbacher's Starfire. Joe Yau photo.

Joe Yau's Saturn, built by Chris Cox. Joe Yau photo.

Dave McCheyne's Polaris, built by Keith Varley. Joe Yau photo.

Bryan Carr in flight. Rex Abbott photo.

Dan Rutherford's new Wimpact. Rex Abbott photo.

Pete Peterson's Caprice. Rex Abbott photo.

Rex Abbott's Strathmoore. Rex Abbott photo.

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