The Expert class Precision Aerobatics planes await a group photo before the start of competition on Sunday at the 2015 Raider Roundup. Flying Lines photo.

R.F. Stevenson Raider Roundup

Sept. 12-13, 2015, Auburn Airport, Auburn, Wash.

It was another great stunt weekend at the annual fall gathering in Auburn, with close-fought competition in all the stunt and carrier classes. Contest Director Howard Rush and a cadre of dedicated Northwest Skyraiders workers made the event run flawlessly once again. Weather was warm and not too windy on Sunday and, after a morning drizzle, overcast and pleasant with almost perfect flying conditions all day Sunday. Entry was up slightly from 2014 in most events.

The top-gun event, Expert Precision Aerobatics, was won by Paul Walker with an excellent 598 score. Dave Royer won Advanced Precision Aerobatics. Mike Haverly topped Classic Stunt and Profile Stunt and Dave Royer topped Old-Time Stunt. There were no Beginner or Intermediate Precision Aerobatics contestants. Bill Darkow was the winner in Northwest Sport 40 Carrier.

The special Crock Pot award went to Mike Haverly for combined performance in the four events. The Crock pot is a cash award given annually by the family of the late R.F. Stevenson, the longtime Skyraider for whom the contest is named, who liked to call himself, "an old crock." "Steve" believed that one should always have $100 in his pocket, and his AMA number was 5529 -- hence the award amount of $155.29.

Contest staff included:
Contest director: Howard Rush
General, continuous work: Dave Gardner, Steve Helmick
Carrier deck logistics: Mike Potter, Shawn Parker
Food: Alan Resinger, Marilou Rush

Here are the results. Northwest standings points in parentheses.

Paul Walker, Deer Park, Wash., Predator, E-Flite 32 electric -- 598 (15)
2. Howard Rush, Bellevue, Wash., Impactr, Cobra 3520 electric -- 584 (13.5)
3. Chris Cox, Delta, B.C., Crossfire, Cobra 3250 -- 579 (12)
4. Alan Resinger, Delta, B.C., Crossfire, Cobra 3250 -- 565.5 (10.5)
5. Mike Haverly, Auburn, Wash., Fifth Element, electric -- 531.5
6. John Leidle, Kirkland, Wash., Song Bird, SuperTigre .60 -- 528.5
7. Randy Powell, Port Orchard, Wash., Deviation, E-Flite 32 -- 516
8. Steve Helmick, Renton, Wash., Eagle TS, O.S. .46VF -- 498
9 John Thompson, Eugene, Ore., SVX, E-Flite 32 -- 497
10. Keith Varley, Vancouver, B.C., Sultan E, AXI 2826-12 electric -- 487
Judges: Bruce Hunt and Pete Peterson

Dave Royer, Portland, Ore., Magnum Plus, Stalker ST .60 -- 493.5 (5)
2. Dane Covey, Tacoma, Wash., Profile Nobler, electric -- 488.5 (4)
3. Mike Hazel, Mehama, Ore., Cardinal, O.S. .40FP -- 464 (3)
4. Rex Abbott, Sequim, Wash., Legacy, Saito .56 -- 416.5 (2)
5. Tom Brightbill, Oregon City, Ore., Knobler, O.S. .46LA -- 339.5
Judges: Steve Helmick and John Thompson



PROFILE STUNT (4 entries)
Mike Haverly, Starfinder, electric -- 477.5 (4)
2. John Thompson, Scrub J, Evolution .36 -- 441 (3)
3. Mike Hazel, Cardinal, O.S. .40FP -- 440 (2)
4. Tom Brightbill, Knobler, O.S. .46LA -- 429 (1)
Judges: Chris Cox and Alan Resinger

CLASSIC STUNT (4 entries)
Mike Haverly, Freedom 45, O.S. .46LA -- 516.5 (4)
2. John Leidle, Space Hound, Double Star .54 -- 508 (3)
3. Rex Abbott, Strathmoor, Saito .40 -- 460 (2)
4. John Thompson, Blackbird, Thunder Tiger .36 -- 453 (1)
Judges: Steve Helmick and Bruce Hunt

OLD-TIME STUNT (4 entries)
Dave Royer, Humongous, Merco .61 -- 250.5 (4)
2. John Thompson, Ringmaster, O.S. 26 four-stroke -- 238 (3)
3. Dane Covey, Ringmaster, electric -- 228 (2)
3. Rex Abbott, Adam's Special, Saito .40 -- 219 (1)
Judges: Dave Gardner and Mike Haverly

Bill Darkow, Tenino, Wash., Yak-9 -- 193 (3)
2. Mike Potter, Auburn, Wash., Square Cat -- 189.7 (2)
3. Mike Hazel, F-51 Mustang -- 188.1 (1)

Raider Roundup photo gallery

Each group of fliers was photographed with their airplanes for use on the nice trophy plaque provided to the winners by the Skyraiders. This is the Expert Precision Aerobatics group. From left: Alan Resinger, Paul Walker, Keith Varley, Steve Helmick, Howard Rush, Chris Cox, John Thompson, Randy Powell, Mike Haverly, John Leidle. Dave Gardner photo.

Advanced Precision Aerobatics fliers, from left: Dane Covey, Mike Hazel, Rex Abbott, Dave Royer, Tom Brightbill. Howard Rush photo.

The Classic Stunt group, from left: John Leidle, Rex Abbott, John Thompson, Mike Haverly. Dave Garner photo.

The Profile Stunt group, from left: Tom Brightbill, Mike Haverly, John Thompson, Mike Hazel. Howard Rush photo.

The Old-Time Stunt group, from left: Dave Royer, Rex Abbott, Dane Covey, John Thompson. Howard Rush photo.

Winner Dave Royer prepares to fuel up in the Old-Time Stunt pits on a sunny Saturday. Flying Lines photo.

Three of the Navy Carrier planes waiting in the pits. Flying Lines photo.

Brand-new Deviation by Randy Powell flew well on its first outing. Flying Lines photo.

John Leidle flies his Space Hound in Classic Stunt. Flying Lines photo.

Mike Haverly tunes up the engine on his Freedom 45 as Tom Brightbill holds before a Classic Stunt flight. Flying Lines photo.

Mike Haverly's Freedom 45 in the winning Classic Stunt flight. Flying Lines photo.

Bill Darkow puts in the winning flight in Northwest Sport 40 Carrier. Flying Lines photo.

Bill Darkow's plane comes in for its arrested landing as judge Shawn Parker watches. Flying Lines photo.

Sunday morning started out wet, but the weather cleared up by the time flying started. Flying Lines photo.

Three of the beauty queens of the Expert Precision Aerobatics fleet, from left: Paul Walker's Predator. Randy Powell's Deviation and Howard Rush's Impact. Eight of the 10 Expert planes, including these three, were electric. Flying Lines photo.

Keith Varley flies his Sultan E in Expert. Flying Lines photo.

The Precision Aerobatics pits on Sunday had a long lineup of planes and lots of activity: Above, Chris Cox carries Howard Rush's plane in from the circle as Mike Haverly carries his out for a flight. Flying Lines photo.

Mike Haverly's gorgeous Fifth Element seen from behind in the PA planes' group photo opp. Flying Lines photo.

Howard Rush's Impact in flight. Flying Lines photo.

Tom Brightbill's O.S. .46 LA was a casualty when the Knobler crashed during an Advanced PA flight. Rex Abbott photo.

Dave Royer flies his Magnum Plus to first place in Advanced Precision Aerobatics, as judges John Thompson (left) and Steve Helmick watch. Rex Abbott photo.

Advanced Precision Aerobatics planes await flights as Tom Brightbill prepares to fuel his Knobler. Rex Abbott photo.

Results of this contest are counted in the Northwest Competition Standings

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