The wide open spaces of the south sports fields at Magnuson Park in Seattle provided plenty of space for two stunt circles and a combat circle. Photo shows Mike Conner putting in a Classic flight, with the former Sand Point Naval Air Station facilities, now part of the park, in the background. Flying Lines photo.

R.F. Stevenson Raider Roundup

Sept. 22-23, 2007, Seattle, Wash.

The Northwest Skyraiders hosted their annual September contest in fine style over two partly cloudy, almost windless days. The Magnuson park south sports fields proved to be an excellent contest venue, with the grass causing very few problems for the stunt planes. A main circle and a practice circle for stunt, a nearby circle for combat, and wide open spaces for pits made for a spacious, comfortable contest venue.

The perfect flying weather resulted in a contest with very few mishaps of any kind, no broken stunters, and all the flying done on schedule. Dave Gardner, Howard Rush, Steve Helmick and a host of helpers and judges ran the stunt contest off smoothly. The Broadway Bod Busters organized and officiated the combat events.

In addition to the fine array of award certificates and Skyraiders Chair prizes, the Skyraiders awarded a "crock" of money to the top competitor overall. The $155.29 prize was donate by the family of R.F. Stevenson, the longtime Seattle CL flier and engine collector for whom the contest is named. The $55.29 represents Steve's AMA number, and the $100 represents the "C-note" that Steve said every Skyraider should have in his wallet. Pat Johnston of Boise, Idaho, won the crock of money. In the photo, Dave Garder (right) awards the prize to Pat. Howard Rush photo.

The Skyraiders also hosted an informal Saturday evening pizza and beverage gathering at the popular Northlake Tavern.

Contest staff:
Contest Director Dave Gardner, Pit Boss Vern Bryant, Tabulators Howard rush, Paul Walker, Dave Gardner. Combat Director Jeff Rein.

R.F. Stevenson Raider Roundup Results

Results compiled by Howard Rush
(Northwest standings points in parentheses)

OLD-TIME STUNT (4 entries)
Mike Conner, Maple Ridge, B.C., Rhinehart International, 1949 Fox .35, 300.5 (4)
2. Bob Smiley, Kingston, Wash., Jamison Special, Brodak .40, 296.5 (3)
3. Buzz Wilson, Belfair, Wash., Ringmaster, O.S. .35., 117.1 (2)
4. Ken Burdick, Kent, Wash., Super Clown, Rivers .15D, 43.5 (1)
Judges: Dan Rutherford, Pat Johnston

CLASSIC STUNT (7 entries)
Bruce Hunt, Salem, Ore., Southwick Lark, O.S. LA .46, 514 (7)
2. Pat Johnston, Boise, Idaho, Shark .35, O.S. LA .46, 511 (6)
3. Mike Haverly, Auburn, Wash., JD Falcon, Brodak .40, 481 (5)
4. Bob Smiley, Kingston, Wash., Profile Oriental, Brodak .40, 469 (4)
5. Dan Rutherford, Bothell, Wash., ARF Flite Streak, OS .20FP, 445
6. Mark Scarborough, Pullman, Wash., Oriental, OS .40FP, 413
7. John Thompson, Eugene, Ore., '59 Ares, Brodak .40, 389.5
Judges: Steve Helmick, Paul Walker

PROFILE STUNT (6 entries)
Pat Johnston, Johnston P-40, O.S. LA .46, 509 (6)
2. Dan Rutherford, ARF Flite Streak, O.S. .20FP, 501.5 (5)
3. Bob Smiley, Profile Oriental, Brodak .40, 493 (4)
4. Randy Powell, Port Orchard, Wash., QED, O.S. LA .46, 491 (3)
5. Rick Cochrun, Redmond, Wash., Pathfinder, O.S. LA .40, 455
6. Mark Scarborough, Gee Bee, 444
Judges: Bruce Hunt, John Thompson

Buzz Wilson, Flite Streak, O.S. .20FP, 195 (1)
Judges: Randy Powell, Pat Johnston

Rick Cochrun, Pathfinder, O.S. LA .40, 404.5 (2)
2. Mark Scarborough, ARC Vector 40, O.S. .40FP, 404 (1)
Judges: Mike Haverly, Mike Conner

Mike Haverly, Oriental Plus, RO-Jett .40, 513 (5)
2. John Thompson, Vector 40, O.S. LA .40, 499.5 (4)
3. Jeff Rein, Covington, Wash., Smoothie, Magnum .35 (3)
4. Bob Parker, Orting, Wash., Flite Streak, O.S. .20FP, 459.5 (2)
5. Mike Conner, Buccaneer 40, Tower .40, 387.5
Judges: Randy Powell, Pat Johnston

Paul Walker, Kent, Wash., Impact XLE, Plettenberg, 568 (9)
2. Howard Rush, Bellevue, Wash., Impact, RO-Jett .65, 550.5 (7.5)
3. Pat Johnston, Johnston Mustang, Stalker .51, 537.5 (6)
4. Bruce Hunt, Southwick Lark, O.S. LA .46, 536 (4.5)
5. Dan Rutherford, ARF Flite Streak, O.S. .20FP, 495.5
6. Randy Powell, Slider, O.S. .40VF, 436.5
Judges: Steve Helmick, Bob Parker

Jeff Rein (5)
2. Gary Harris, Banks, Ore. (4)
3. Ken Burdick (3)
4. Mark Hansen, Portland, Ore. (2)
5. Buzz Wilson

80MPH COMBAT (8 entries)
Jeff Rein (8)
2. Bob Smith, Roy, Wash. (7)
3. Don McKay, Redmond, Wash. (6)
4. Gary Harris (5)
Ken Burdick
John Thompson
Mark Hansen
Buzz Wilson

More photos from "The Steve"

Left photo: Stunt pits at the Magnuson Park on Saturday, Old-Time, Classic and Profile day. Mike Haverly's JD Falcoln at the head of the line. Right photo: View of the flying circle from the pits, Bob Smiley flying, John Thompson's Ares in the foreground, and the combat guys in far background. Flying Lines photos.

Left photo: Three nice planes in the pits (from left) Bob Smiley's Profile Oriental, Smiley's Jamison Special, Mike Haverly's JD Falcon. Right photo: Haverly doing maintenance work on the Oriental Plus. Flying Lines photos.

Left photo: Rich Cochrun with his Pathfinder Mk II. Right photo: Bruce Hunt displays casual, hand-in-pocket, flying style. Flying Lines photos.

Left photo: Bob Smith launches for Buzz Wilson in an 80mph combat match, while the opposing team gets ready in the background. Right photo: Combt pits. Flying Lines photos.

Left photo: Combat teammates Gary Harris (left) and Mark Hansen. Right photo: Old-Time Stunt judges Pat Johnston (left) and Dan Rutherford. Flying Lines photos.

Bob Smiley's Jamison Special. Flying Lines photo.

Results of this contest are counted in the Northwest Competition Standings

Broadway Bod Busters report on the R.F. Stevenson Raider Roundup

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