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Northwest Control-Line Regionals Records

Before 2007

Best recorded performances at the Northwest Regional Control-Line Championships before 2007.

A number of these records have been voided by rules changes which took place in 2007. Also, some records listed here are for events no longer on the Regionals schedule, and they have been deleted from the main Regionals records page.

Racing records reflect only finals.

1/2-A Speed126.35 mphJerry Rocha 2005
A Speed186.84 mphJerry Rocha 2005
B Speed 161.37 mphKen Kortness2002
D Speed171.85 mphRon Salo2000
Jet Speed168.62 mph Loren Howard2003
Formula 40 Speed159.58 mphKen Kortness2002
.21 Sport Speed153.09 mphJerry Rocha2006
FAI Speed177.97 mphTom Brown 2002
1/2-A Profile Proto Speed  105.9 mphJerry Rocha2005
.21 Proto Speed133.03 mphChris Sackett1997
NW Sport Jet Speed147.6 mph Loren Howard2005
Mouse Race I4:34.59Paul Gibeault1992
Mouse Race II6:10.95Doug Mayer2002
AMA Goodyear5:47.01Les Akre 1999
NW Goodyear 6:54.94Les Akre2005
Slow Rat Race5:38.67Bill Cave2000
Rat Race4:45.5 Bob Fogg2002
.15 Rat Race5:47.55Mike MacCarthy2005
NW Sport Race7:50.74Todd Ryan2006
NW Super Sport Race6:38Todd Ryan 2000
NW Flying Clown Race  340 lapsLes Akre2006
Quickie Rat Race6:22.57Les Akre2006
Class I Navy Carrier434.56 Jim Schneider2003
Class II Navy Carrier439.68Jim Schneider2003
Profile Navy Carrier372,27Jim Schneider2003
.15 Navy Carrier245.10Jim Schneider 2006
Profile Nostalgia Navy Carrier 258.39Dick Salter2005
Class I/II Nostalgia Navy Carrier323.44Dave Shrum2005

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