Leighton Mangels flies his Twister at Bill Riegel Model Airpark at 2022 Oregon Flying Fun No. 3 in Salem, Ore. Flying Lines photo.

Oregon Flying Fun No. 3

Sun shines on annual Salem 'just for fun' flying day

Bill Riegel Model Airpark, Salem, Ore., March 5, 2022

The rain was gone and the sky was blue for the third in the annual Oregon Flying Fun series. Twenty-five control-line enthusiasts showed up, and everyone who flew took home a nice modeling door prizes. As always, the event was sponsored by the Western Oregon Control-Line Flyers.

Control-line planes of all types were spread about the Salem field. From tiny .049-powered planes to full-size Precision Aerobatics planes, they kept the two circles busy all day.

Attending the 2022 event were: Craig Bartlett, Jim Corbett, Mark Crouse, Don Curry, Mike Denlis, Jerry Eichten, Loren Howard, Steve Linstedt, Mike Hazel, Russ Hester, Bob Lewis, John Lickley, Lynette Lickley, Leighton Mangels, Matt Mason, Robin Mason, Bill Mix, Chris Nicholls, Doug Powers, Gerald Schamp, Dave Shrum, John Thompson, Bruce Tunberg, Gary Weems and Tim Wescott.

The photos tell the story ...

(We don't have the names of all the plane owners and plane IDs; in some cases we took a guess; if someone will supply the info, we will update the captions.

Tim Wescott's Atlantis, built by Paul Walker, puts in a Precision Aerobatics practice flight. Flying Lines photo.

Wescott at the handle. Flying Lines photo.

Leighton Mangels' Twister. Note color of sky in what was still technically winter.Flying Lines photo.

The grass circle was kept busy all day, just across the access road from the hard circle. Gary Weems launches a Combat plane for Russ Hester. Flying Lines photo.

Don Curry starts the engine on a throttled Mustang as Doug Powers holds and Bill Mix watches. Flying Lines photo.

One of the stars of the pit area was this Skyraider Navy Carrier plane, originally built by Craig Bartlett many years ago and restored and reconfigured for Northwest Sport 40 Carrier by John and Lynette Lickley. Power is an OS .35FP engine. Finish is Koverall, Randolph dope and Monokote trim. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Gerald Schamp assists Dave Shrum (foreground) with his Pinto. Steve Linstedt photo.

John Thompson brought an eclectic fleet. From lower left: Wido Satan powered by Black Widow .049, Half Fast III powered by vintage Fox Combat Special, Lil' Dawg powered by Black Widow; Super Ringmaster powered by Brodak .25, Gypsy powered by O.S. .46LA, Allenplane powered by Nelson .36. Flying Lines photo.

Bob Lewis' Akromaster. Flying Lines photo.

Ringmaster biplane. Flying Lines photo.

Baby Ringmaster. Flying Lines photo.

Doug Powers flies the Mustang. Flying Lines photo.

Gary Weems' Skylark, powered by Brodak .40. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Doug Power's tiny twin. Yes, it did fly. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Chris Nicholls holds as Dave Shrum starts the engine on a Leo Mehl Arctic Fox from the Russell Shaffer fleet. Steve Lindstedt photo.

A closer look at the Arctic Fox, which the late Leo Mehl offered as a kit for several years. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Gary Weems' Flite Streak with Fox .35 power.Steve Lindstedt photo

Russ Hester demonstrates starting technique for the finicky F2D Combat .15 engines. Steve Lindstedt photo

Biplane warbird from the Roseburg group.Steve Lindstedt photo

Mike Hazel's Otto the Giro. Steve Lindstedt photo

Gary Weems' Buster with McCoy .35 power. Steve Lindstedt photo

The prize table. Flying Lines photo.

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