Two of the Western Oregon Control-Line Flyers mainstays in action at Bill Riegel Model Airpark. Craig Bartlett watches as Mike Hazel flies. The field looks a bit different as a result of modifications underway related to road reconstruction at the west end of the field. Many of the trees surrounding the field are gone. The grass flying area is temporarily unavailable for flying, but the asphalt remains in service and ample pit area is still available. Flying Lines photo.

Oregon Flying Fun No. 3

Weather window allows lots of flying at annual Salem get-together

Bill Riegel Field, Salem, Ore., March 5, 2016

Dismal weather forecasts proved the Oregon axiom for springtime: Don't believe the weather forecast! Despite a 100% chance of rain and 10+mph wind forecast, the day of Oregon Flying Fun No. 3 proved to be mild, calm, and excellent for flying. The "100% chance of rain" turned into about 100 raindrops at about 1:30 p.m.

Attendance was light -- only about 11 fliers -- but lots of flying got done and events wrapped up early enough that some of the participants went to lunch at the nearby Flight Deck restaurant about 2 p.m.

Some nice "flying raffle" prizes were handed out to those who put in flights.

All in all, a great Oregon Flying Fun No. 3 hosted by the Western Oregon Control-Line Flyers.

Attending included:  Craig Bartlett, Tom Brightbill, Jim Corbett, Mike Denlis, Mike Hazel, Dave LaFever, Doug Powers, Dave Royer, Gerald Schamp, Dean Singleton and John Thompson.

Oregon Flying Fun 3 photos

Doug Powers launches for Mike Denlis. The plane is a Trivial Pursuit built by Floyd Carter, which Mike converted to electric. Flying Lines photo.

Dave La Fever's B-Proto speed plane, power by muffled O.S. LA .25. Flying Lines photo.

Dave La Fever (left) and Dean Singleton discuss Dave's scaled-up Warrior with O.S. .46 LA power. Flying Lines photo.

A perfect old-time Old-Time stunt combination flown by Dean Singleton: A Ringmaster powered by a McCoy redhead .35, flown on a U-Reely handle. Just what yo might have seen on any flying field in the 1950s. Flying Lines photo.

Doug Powers' well-traveled Skyray, a great fun-fly airplane. Flying Lines photo.

Mike Hazel's Corsair, an excellent-flying profile built by Pat Johnston. Flying Lines photo.

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