The annual Roseburg fun-fly had fliers ranging from beginners to experts. Marcus Schluter gets some flight training from his dad, Mark Schluter, while mom Sonja (who also gave flying a try), enjoys a close-up view. Flying Lines photo.

Oregon Flying Fun No. 2 --2022

Sunny day of flying at a new CL field

Feb. 5, 2022, Roseburg, Ore.

The first organized event at the Roseburg area control-liners' new field at Church on the Rise drew 17 CL fliers for a full day of flying in sunshine, calm air and mild temperature. It was a great flying day in February!

The new field is laid out on a former baseball field at the church grounds on the outskirts of Roseburg -- with no nearby neighbors to be bothered by any sounds of flying. There's a heated building with restrooms alongside the main circle, a covered area for lunch and socializing, and room onsite for an extra grass circle or two if needed, and some asphalt space in a nearby parking lot as well. The fun fly used the main grass circle, which has been enhanced with a fine gravel takeoff strip and path to the center. The Roseburg fliers keep a table handy to the takeoff strip, so fliers can start their engines away from the gravel and the launcher can set the plane down on the smooth ground just before takeoff.

Bravo to the Roseburg fliers for finding and developing this fine facility, and thanks to the Church on the Rise for making its use available.

Fliers came from all over Western Oregon, including from as far away as the Corvallis and Medford areas. Attendees were Jim Corbett, Mark Crouse, Mike Hazel, Walter Hicks, Dave La Fever, Bob Lewis, Bill Mix, Chris Nicholls, Gene Pape, Alan Rader, Mark, Marcus and Sonja Schluter, Dave Shrum, John Thompson, Jess Walls and Gary Weems.

There were lots of airplanes on hand, ranging from Mike Hazel's .010-powered Micro-Ringmaster to full-size Stunt planes -- with biplanes, electric-powered planes, throttled planes and vintage Combat planes included in the mix.

As usual, the Roseburg CL fliers were gracious hosts, providing a tasty hamburger, hot dog and chili lunch and a fine array of door prizes for the flying raffle. Everyone in attendance went away with at least three prizes.

Next up in the series is, Salem, Ore., on March 5.  See Where the Action Is for details.

Oregon Flying Fun No. 2 photo gallery

Lots of planes spread out in the generous pit area at the Church on the Rise flying field, a former baseball field. At left is the gravel takeoff strip, and in the background is the heated support building, with rest rooms. Flying Lines photo.

Some of the planes lined up for action -- including the three in the foreground by Gary Weems. Flying Lines photo.

Some of the Roseburg fliers' fleet. Flying Lines photo.

Bill Mix at the handle. Flying Lines photo.

Eight members of the Eugene Prop Spinners attended. These are planes brought by Prop Spinners Gene Pape and John Thompson. Flying Lines photo.

The work table provided near the takeoff strip allowed fliers to start their engines away from the gravel strip -- and standing up while they did it. After the engine was running, the launcher would transfer the plane to the takeoff strip for launch. Above, Alan Rader prepares a Ringmaster for flight while launcher Bob Lewis stands by. Flying Lines photo.

Lewis launches for Rader after carrying the plane to the takeoff strip. Flying Lines photo.

Alan Rader carries his plane back to the pits after one of the few mishaps of the day. The brackets holding the fuel tank failed, causing the tank to swing into the prop and then fly away. Alan holds the damaged tank in his right hand. Damage to the plane was minor. Flying Lines photo.

Dave La Fever flies his All American Senior. Flying Lines photo.

Mike Hazel flies his throttled 38 Special. Flying Lines photo.

Dave Shrum launches Walter Hicks' .15 Navy Carrier plane, a Dick Sarpolus-designed Grumman Avenger. It's powered by an ASP .15 and uses an RC car transmitter and electronic throttle. Flying Lines photo.

Mike Hazel's 38 Special in flight. The plane was built by Mel Marcum of Eugene, Ore. Flying Lines photo.

Dave Shrum's spark-ignition-powered stunter made one of the day's first flights. Flying Lines photo.

As always, the Roseburg fliers donated a fine array of door prizes. Everybody took home at least three items. Flying Lines photo.

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