The fliers at Oregon Flying Fun No. 2 at Sunshine Park in Roseburg, Ore., posed with their planes after the flying was finished. Front row, from left: Pete Benning, Gene Pape, Bill Toschik, Russell Shaffer, Dave Shrum, Tom Kopriva. Back row, from left, Dave Mitchell, Gordon Rea, Mike Massey, John Thompson, Jim Corbett, Bob Lewis, Mike Hazel, Dan Crabtree. Dean Rea photo.

Oregon Flying Fun No. 2

Second annual Roseburg "convention" draws big numbers!

Feb. 12, 2011, Roseburg, Ore.

For the second year in a row, Umpqua Valley area control-line modelers hosted the second stop in the annual Oregon Flying Fun series, again at Sunshine Park in Roseburg, a baseball complex operated by the city of Roseburg where the local fliers meet twice a week.

This year's fun-fly drew fliers from Roseburg, the Eugene area, Salem area and Klamath Falls. Weather was perfect, with light overcast or partly sunny skies, mild temperatures and almost no wind.

Fifteen people brought at least 36 airplanes, and 52 flights were made, based on the number of tickets in the flying raffle can. There were also a few spectators with plans to return to the control-line flying hobby. By coincidence, there were approximately 10 Flite Streak variations in the fleet of airplane, including Baby Flite Streak, Twin Flite Streak, Flite Streak Bipe and a number of standard and ARF Flite Streaks.

Organizer Dave Shrum and the Umpqua fliers and families provided a delicious lunch and a number of very nice raffle prizes, including engines, kits and partly built airplanes.

Among the highlights of the day were Mike Hazel's Not-a-Gyro (a former autogyro converted to an airplane), Russell Schaffer's Flite Streak Bipe and Gordon Rea's crazy Combat Kitten -- not to mention lots of sport and stunt planes that were aloft all day long. Dave Shrum's brand-new Mackey Lark stunt plane was outstanding.

Information about regular control-line flying in the Umpqua Valley can be obtained from Dave Shrum.

Below is a gallery of photos that captures some of the action. Some of the captions have incomplete information and will be updated as we get further info.

The third in the series of four Oregon fun flies is scheduled for 10 a.m.-3 p.m. at Bill Riegel Model Airpark at the Salem, Ore., Airport, on Saturday, March 12. See Where the Action Is for details.

Oregon Flying Fun 2 photos

Left photo: Bob Lewis takes off. Right photo: Mike Hazel and Mr. Stubby. Dean Rea photos.

Mr. Stubby flies! Dean Rea photo.

Traveling to Roseburg for the fun fly were Eugene Prop Spinners members (from left) Mike Massey, Gene Pape, Mike Hazel, Jim Corbett, John Thompson, Tom Kopriva and Gordon Rea. Dean Rea photo.

Dean Rea recorded the event on his trusty camera. Jim Corbett photo.

Only one major mishap occurred: Dave Shrum's ARF Oriental collided with planet Earth. Jim Corbett photos.

Dave Shrum recently finished this Mackey Lark. Outstanding finish! Flying Lines photo.

Left photo: Russell Shaffer flies his Flite Streak Bipe. Right photo: One of the many other Flite Streaks in flight, flown by Dave Mitchell. Jim Corbett photos.

Mike massey flies. Jim Corbett photo.

Two fliers often seen on the field at the same time: At left, John Thompson and Evil Twin. At right, Mike Hazel and Banshee. Dean Rea photos.

Two ballfields were in use as flying circles. This is the lineup of planes on the lower field. Jim Corbett photos.

Two of the many stunters on hand At right is Bob Lewis; Challenger; plane at left is flown by Gordon Rea. Jim Cordbett photos.

On the sidelines at the lower circle, from left: John Thompson, Gene Pape, Dave Shrum, Pete Benning. Jim Corbett photos.

Lineup of planes at the upper circle, as someone heads out to fly. Jim Corbett photo.

Bob Lewis launches for Gordon Rea. Jim Corbett photo.

Left photo: Bob Lewis flies. Right photo: Evil Twin in the air. Jim Corbett photos.

Two Ares variations: In Foreground, Pete Benning's Ares Jr.; in background, John Thompson's 1959 Ares. Flying Lines photo.

A Tiger Kitten and Lil' Jumpin' Bean. Flying Lines photo.

A Shoestring and a Ringmaster. Flying Lines photo.

The fliers and some of the planes Dean Rea photo.

Left photo: Mike Hazel's plane used to be an autogyro. Now, it's Not-a-Gyro. Flying Lines photo. Right photo: Prizes offered by the Roseburg modelers delighted the fliers. Gene Pape shows off a partially built Flite Streak and a Fox Rocket .35. Jim Corbett photo.

Sunshine Park, a great flying venue. Jim Corbett photo.

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