A lineup of planes represents only a small sampling of the dozens of sport, stunt and combat planes on display and in the air at Oregon Flying Fun No. 2 at Sunshine Park in Roseburg, Ore., on Feb. 13. Two circles were in action all day long. Flying Lines photo.

Oregon Flying Fun No. 2

Roseburg group hosts a "convention" of Oregon fliers

Feb. 13, 2010, Roseburg, Ore.

For the past year or so, Umpqua Valley area control-line modelers have been flying regularly at Sunshine Park, a baseball complex operated by the city of Roseburg. On Feb. 13, they hosted 16 fliers from around Oregon, who came from as far away as Salem, Eugene, Klamath Falls and the Medford area. There were many airplanes large and small and continuous flying all day long.

Organizer Dave Shrum put together a very nice event, with good food at lunchtime, a nice array of "flying raffle" prizes and a special prize -- a Fox .35 stunt engine -- to the winner of a three-minute time target event. The engine went to Tom Kopriva of Eugene, who hit exactly three minutes in a flight with a 1/2-A sport plane.

Among the highlights of the day were Mike Hazel's Cox .010-powered Micro-Ringmaster, and Mike Denlis' monoline-controlled Skyray.

Information about regular control-line flying in the Umpqua Valley can be obtained from Dave Shrum.

Dave reports that the fun fly led to a collaboration between Roseburg area fliers and the Southern Oregon group. A fun fly is planned for the Medford area and some joint purchases of supplies also are planned.

Below is a gallery of photos that captures some of the action.

The third in the series of four Oregon fun flies is scheduled for 10 a.m.-3 p.m. at Bill Riegel Model Airpark at the Salem, Ore., Airport, on Saturday, March 13. See Where the Action Is for details.

Oregon Flying Fun 2 photos

A lineup of a few more of the airplanes. Pete Benning's Ares Jr. is in the middle, a very nice airplane. Flying Lines photo.

Dave Shrum starts the McCoy .35 on his Twister Syster while Guy Laine (left) and Bob Lewis watch. Jim Corbett photo.

The Umpqua Valley fliers and wives cooked up a nice lunch, much enjoyed by the participants. Jim Corbett photo.

At left, a very nice Sig Akromaster; at right, Bob Lewis' Challenger. Flying Lines photos.

At left, a dazzling Chief built by Bob Lewis, who hand-letters his planes. At right, Mike Massey's latest profile stunter, Fox Folly. The name refers to Mike's experiments with the Fox .40 stunt engine. Flying Lines photos.

At left, Mike Hazel's Cro-Magnon Air Force plane makes its first flight in its fifth decade (the plane was built in the 1970s and has been used for sport and Navy Carrier flying. At right, a nice Junior Ringmaster with Cox power. Flying Lines photos.

At left, Mike Denlis gets a refresher on the problems of dealing with monoline wire. Center, Mike's Skyray, retrofitted for monoline -- still has two-wire controls, too! At right, Mike makes first flight on a stuntable monoline plane. Flying Lines photos.

Left photo: Guy Laine holds while Roger Hebner tachs engine on his Cardinal. Both are from Southern Oregon, Guy from Gold Hill and Roger from Medford. Right photo: Photographer Mark Anderson from the Roseburg News-Review happened by and took some pictures. Flying Lines photos.

At left, Roger Hebner's Cardinal; at right, Guy Laine's Nobler. Flying Line photos.

At left, a McCoy-powered Twister (John Miller design) by Dave Shrum; at right, Dave Mitchell's P40. Flying Lines photos.

Two nifty warbirds by Bob Lewis. Flying Lines photos.

Mike Hazel shows off the day's smallest airplane, a TeeDee .010-powered Micro-Ringmaster. Flying Lines photo. At right, John Thompson, flying the itty-bitty plane -- it looks as if it's a mile away, but it's only on 22-foot lines. Jim Corbett photo.

The tiny Ringmaster's just about to take off, with Gene Pape flying and Mike Hazel launching. Flying Lines photo.

The tiny Ringmaster's about half the size of an Ares tail section. In right photo, Bob Lewis' Twister Sister. Flying Lines photos.

Left photo: Russell Shaffer's Flite Streak Bipe. Right photo: Dave Shrum, in autographed Regionals shirt, times while Tom Kopriva makes winning time target flight. At right is Tom's fellow Eugene Prop Spinner, Jim Corbett. Flying Lines photo.

At left, a lineup of small airplanes -- there were many 1/2-A planes on hand. They include two Junior Ringmasters, a Fancherized Twister, and Dave Shrum's Dick Sarpolus-designed Little Brother, and a Jim Cameron 1/2-A trainer. At right, Russell Shaffer of Klamath Falls puts in a flight. Flying Lines photos.

Dave Shrum never has trouble finding his airplane -- his name's on the pilot's hat. Flying Lines photo.

Bob Lewis prepares to launch a small Shoestring while Dave Shrum watches. Jim Corbett photo.

Two little planes: At left, Tom Koprova's 1/2-A sport plane, which will do the full stunt pattern. At right, Mike Denlis's vintage Cox trainer. Flying Lines photo.

Left photo: A nice Midwest Magician. Right photo: A small Shoestring (left) and a Sophomore old-timer. Flying Lines photo.

Nice array of prizes for the flying raffle, plus the Fox .35 for the time target winner. Roseburg fliers hand-made the pilots.

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