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By Mike Hazel

Getting up to speed

Hi guys, this is the first effort of what I hope will be a (more or less) monthly column devoted to control line speed in this prestigious website. If you have any ideas or suggestions for inclusion here, please do not hestitate to say something.

First up will be a "heads-up" that Craig Bartlett passed on to me.

If you have purchased Nelson plugs between January 15 and June 6, there may be a problem with the seal which results in the plug developing a leak while running. The rate of failure will be somewhere between 0 and 10%. You may not have seen any failures in free flight, as I have had no complaints from free flighters as yet, due to the shorter run time that our plugs get compared to combat and RC. However, if you have purchased Nelson HD plugs during that period, you can send the suspected plugs to me or Henry and either he or I will "hit" the seal crimp and return them to you asap. Keep in mind plugs that have been run cannot be fixed. I am particulary interested in the F1C flyers that will be competing in the Finals this fall. You guys make sure you are using plugs that have been fixed or purchased after June 6. Plugs sold before January are OK and plugs that have been sold since June 6 have all been fixed, or are of the newest run, which are all OK. Do not send any plugs back that have a flat crimp on the seal. They are the ones that have been "Hit". I will have plugs at the finals, and I will also bring the "hitter" with me and can handle that chore at the site.

Thanks Doug Galbreath

As this piece is being written, speed fliers will be gathering for the Myron Salo Memorial Speed Competition in Richmond, B.C. I was not able to clear the calendar for this event, but will be thinking of Ron this weekend. Hope there is a good turnout, and some good times there. Editor's note: This contest was postponed indefinitely. See Where the Action Is.

The last remaining speed contest of the year will be the "Northwest Speed in September" meet being held in Salem, Oregon, with this writer putting on the show. All speed classes being flown for fame and glory, no awards, but there will be the traditional free lunch. A copy of the official flyer was published in Speed Times, plus I will be sending out a copy for your reminder sometime later this month. Oh, yeh...... the date....... September 9 & 10. See Where the Action Is.

I recently purchased a "Blue Thunder" kit from Jet Bill. This is the purpose-built sidewinder ship for the Jet Bill engine used in AMA (fast) Jet Speed. The kit looks pretty good. Bill sez put the plane together good, and with his new engine one should be in the 190 mph bracket, yahoo! Well, it won't happen this year, but will get this bird put together next winter for the following season. Haven't had a decent performing jet ship for awhile now. My old reliable sport jet developed a fuel delivery problem a couple of seasons ago, and haven't yet checked that out. Guess I better get on it.

Wow! What a great issue of Speed Times that just came out. Lots of reports and good tech material. I always like the "good ole days" writeups on the old Nationals, Mirror meet, etc. etc. If you aren't a member of the NASS (North American Speed Society) you are missing out on this great quarterly newsletter. If you need to join up, please let me know and I will get the information to you.

Well, that's it for this month. Fast laps! --- Mike Hazel ---

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