Combat fliers wring it out at Arlington Fun Fly

July 21, 2007, Arlington, Wash.

By Mel Lyne

Gremlins, missed communications and health issues downsized the Fun Fly a bit. But the rain did hold off until 3:30pm. Ole and Jan Johansen did attend but Ole was not well enough to fly. We did have a bunch of combat fliers testing mainly Fasts and 80s.

Jim Green, Robert Smith, Mel Lyne and Kenny Johansen flew lots. Jeff Riechel showed up with his now very tall (6 ft) son Garren and flew a bunch of diesels. Kenny's granddaughters Mariah and Kailey got in some trainer flights. Kenny and Tom put up a variety of sport stunters.

There were 12-inch weeds in places so all flights were hand-launched. John Morrow came late with an interesting vintage "Keil Kraft" Phantom with a new CS Oliver Cub 1.5cc diesel. The Brits and Aussies are exraordinarily keen on racing these 1950s little airplanes over grass. "Phantom Racing" at a recent meet in England had over 50 of the little solid elliptical-winged boxy fuselage racers. It's actually quite fun to watch as the planes tend to somersault at every landing. They seem to be indestructible. It is strictly a fun and nostalgia event.

For those who attended it was an enjoyable day of flying. And it was a valuable tune-up for the "Top Dog" combat contest slated for Snohomish August 4-5. For details on Top Dog, see Where the Action Is.

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