Collecto: Turnout was good for the first Northwest Skyraiders Super Swap Meet at the Clover Park Technical College Aviation Center in Puyallup, Wash., of Saturday, Feb. 17, 2007. Dave Gardner photo.

Swap Meet Superior!

Skyraiders' first annual is a winner

Feb. 17, 2007, Puyallup, Wash.

By Dave Gardner

Well, I think we carried it off!  We sold 83 tables out of a projected 109 total, in spite of having a biplane intrude on our 'air space'!  The 36 sellers used the space very well!

I know that swaps work better for some than others.....and, yes, we could have used a few more buyers, but I think most folks were satisfied for our first effort.


We'll get more and earlier notices out to ALL the clubs, including the boaters and even the RR people.

We'll have some improved signage to direct people in.

We'll have notices in the various local papers, as well as making it an AMA sanctioned event, to get the listing in MA.

We'll have more tables next year, still with good pricing.

We'll improve the concession service, realizing that we are not really in the food service business.....maybe a contract vendor?

This was managed with a small cadre of folks, with a focused effort.....and it all came together in about 5 weeks from start to grand event! 

From a personal standpoint, I certainly thank all the volunteers that made it work, I thank all of you who attended as sellers, and I appreciate your accommodation of some confusion on table sizes and spaces. Our 'concession' services by my former TWA flight attendant lady provided a break for all.

I appreciate it all very much.....and think we all had a pretty good swap meet!

Dave Gardner

NW Skyraiders

Super Swap Meet Coordinator

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