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Marty Higgs' C Speed plane. All photos provided by Ken Burdick.

Sí Speed?

By Ken Burdick

Can't fly monoline ... Your 1/2A proto does loops when they let it go ... Perky speed is just plain stupid and you feel like flying stunt? Is that what's bothering you, Bunky?

Well, snap out of it!

“The Hippy,” The Louie-Louie speed Team and Broadway Bod Busters have conspired to invent a new speed event just for you!

Yes folks, it's true ...

There is a guy they call "the Hippy” and yes, Perky speed is, well, don't get me started. Where to begin, hmmm let's start with the name. The Hippy, also known as Marty " I'll kick your butt in Formula 40" Higgs, lives in British Columbia. This is his idea ... I'm just carrying the bag, so let's see what's in the bag, OK?

The Name Game

I am offering a ready-to-run .40 to the winner of the “name that sled” contest. Here is how it works:

One entry per name sent to me, Ken Burdick, your name along with your event name will be put in a bag with the others sent in and taken to the Top Secret Bod Buster Research Center, where a beer drinking ... no, wait ... a name-drawing session will be conducted by the BBB. Shipping is limited to the US and Canada.

Some names already suggested are:

Big Bee?

Outlaw Speed?

Si Speed?

B.C. Speed?

C speed

But what is it?

It's a monoline or two line speed class that can use any engine from a 29 to a 40, no tuned pipes or megaphone, Just open face exhaust and minipipes will be allowed. The intro event will be class C (.288-.40) but it leaves itself open to a B class as well. I have enough trouble with one thing at a time so we'll work on the B stuff later. Sure makes a great pun ... B.C Speed….git it? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

(Ahem ...)

Yes, where were we? A full bodied speed ship is encouraged but not required, this is not a standing start event and will be timed for 6 laps after two in the pylon. A complete set of rules has been written by Marty, myself and then corrected by Jivin' Jet Louie whose say is final on such matters.

No one has speed stuff!

Stop whining, we're working on that.

A glass top for the Harter's proto pan is available from Steve Wilk.

For the larger cases like Nelson, we are working on a CF top as made by Phil McGee. The mold is complete but a fabricator is needed. Rumor has it that Partner Products, founder of Speed times, and fabricator of great speed kits and aluminum wings, might, just might, be talked into making Pink Lady kits for this one. The pink Lady B ship might be perfect for the Nelson or any other engine for that matter. Marty can sell fabricated tanks for this airplane and torque units for the guys that want to fly mono line. If you're looking for a ultra strong bellcrank that the speed guys use, contact:

Dave Mark
Phone: (810) 629-2578
P.O. Box 773
Fenton, MI. 48430

These are top quality parts that should be used for safety.

I'll publish a simple dolly design that even a combat guy can build.

But wait! There's more!

I have it on good authority that there will be a Speed Champs contest in the Vancouver, B.C., area next year. This event will be on the docket with a cash prize of $100.00 for the fastest C class time posted in the contest plus speed trophies through fourth place. If this event becomes an official Northwest event, the BBB will sponsor the trophy for the Northwest Regionals, and kick in some big bucks for the winner of second place in C speed. Yes, you heard me ... second place. Go for the glory or go for the gold ... you decide!

So there you have it, C Speed in a form that can be one line or two. The smaller .018 lines for two line will keep this configuration competitive with the single wire boys. Since line length is 70 feet, rotation times will be slower to make it an enjoyable walk around the pylon. Stay tuned to Flying Lines for further developments in this new event.

-- Kenny-b and the Bod Busters

C Speed proposed rules

Objective: Create a low-tech Class C speed event for monoline or two-line control using available 29 to 40 engines.

1. All AMA control line unified speed rules apply except as follows:
a.Wood props will not be allowed.
b. Builder of the model rule shall not apply to this event.
c. Model weigh must not exceed 34 ounces.
2. Airplane: Entrants are encouraged to use “classic” speed plane design with full fuselage, upright engine and symmetrical surfaces. Other designs will be begrudgingly tolerated including profile designs.
3. Lines sizes: Line length will be 70 feet. Airplanes flown on a single-wire control system will use a minimum diameter of .026 inches. Airplanes flown on a two-wire system will use a minimum diameter of .018 inches. Lines used will be solid lines per the Acadent of Model Aeronatics rulebook specifications.
4. Engine: Any from .2800 to .4028 cubic inch displacement, either open face exhaust, or mini pipe. No megaphone or full wave pipes will be allowed.
5. Fuel: 10% nitro maximum. Typical fuel is 10% Nitro methane, 20% lubricant, 70% methanol alcohol.
6. Fuel system: Any, including pressure systems.
7. Pull test: All models will be subject to a 40 'G' pull test
8. Timing of the flight: Will be for 1/2 mile (six laps) as per current A.M.A. speed rules.

C Speed supplier links

The following is a list of suppliers for items related to building and flying C-Speed.

Martin Higgs:

Nelson Competition Engines

Contrary to what you may have heard, Henry Nelson is still producing some of his engines. These are without a doubt the fastest and best choice. Price is as follows, although there is no plan for a tuned pipe.

Eliminator Props (Steve Wilk)

Dave Mark (AYR Products)

Phone: (810) 629-2578

Barry Tippits


John Newton


Bob Fogg

Doug Galbreath

ZZ Prop (Mike Hazel)

Parts finder list updated: See the C Speed Parts Finder

Stop the presses!

Always wanted to say that!

I just received two tanks and torque units from the mysterious and reclusive “Hippy”

This is no ordinary guy, mind you, oh no! He is a master craftsman who is making available speed parts of a quality we have not seen since the old days of Partner products! Actually, Partner is still making great stuff for speed, but not these items. Ever try and make a tank? Yeah, me too, these things are perfect and would make tinsmiths around the globe envious. The torque units are finely detailed with a robust attachment for a pushrod and beautiful solder work. The line button is every bit as robust as the pushrod attachment and some Nelson cranking out 200 mph on somebody's airplane will not be able to lessen the strength of this unit.

I have taken hurry up pictures of these masterfully crafted pieces and hope they show as well as they do here as in person.

No sooner than I took the pictures and updated this list, another speed icon added to the incredible energy of this event. John Newton , perhaps one of the best designers and engine men, will produce a short kit for the C Speed event.

John Newton
2154 los Padres
Roland HTS, CA. 91748
Phone: 909-720-1940 (no e-mail)

Pricing is as follows:

You will need to get a Barry Tippits B pan and a stub spar. We are working on a source for the spars now.

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