Pat Johnston's 24.5-oz. Ringmaster

Dee Rice starting Ringmaster Club

By Pat Johnston, Boise, Idaho

Flying buddies!

Dee Rice is instrumental in starting a flying club exclusively devoted to flying the Ringmaster. This is called "The Brotherhood of the Ring". Dee has had too much fun this last year flying his light weight (23 ounce) Ringmaster in various stunt events. If any doubt the lethality of this plane, Dee can attest to several scores in the 500+ category and one even at 556.5 points! I have made up a set of plans showing Dee's approach and ideas on how to make a lightweight Ringmaster for those wishing for this info. A web site has been started showing the logo for now. Click here to go to the Brotherhood of the Ring web site.

Anyone wishing to get involved can E-mail Dee Rice directly.

He has a contest planned for next fall. Details to follow. This whole thing looks like fun. I'll follow this up with the official Bylaws when they are available. So far the initial draft of the bylaws looks like a hoot. Good flying!

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