General Aviation fly-in on Regionals Friday

Barbecue open to Regionals participants

The Eugene Airport is hosting a one-day general aviation fly-in on Friday, May 26, the first day of the Northwest Control-Line Regionals. The event will take place on the new runway that is just to the east of the Regionals contest venue.

The fly-in includes a barbecue for the pilots, which is open to Regionals participants for a $2.50 fee. We'll need to shuttle Regionals people to the site because it's a long walk due to fencing between the two venues.

Thanks from the Northwest Regionals Management Association and all the competitors for making this nice meal available to us.

There will be a food concession on the Regionals flying field for all three days of the contest.

Click here for full story on the Northwest Regionals, Eugene, Ore., May 26-27-28, 2006.

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This page was updated April 13, 2006