Socializing between flights at the Polar Beaer Fun Fly. Dave McCheyne photo.

A cold start to 2016 -- just right for polar bear flying

Rice Mill Road Park, Richmond, B.C., Jan. 1, 2016

By Bruce Duncan

It was cold for here, temp at 10 a.m. about 2 Celsius (34F) with sun and fog.  The flying site was clear most of the time with the occasional mist rolling in for a few minutes then clearing out again.

The usual early birds were there around 9 a.m., more of us arrived around 10 a.m., and even more at noon. I would guess we had a grand total of about 20 from both the Vancouver Gas Model Club and the Pacific Aeromodellers Club.  Almost no wind maybe a 3 or 4 MPH breeze so flying was good for those who braved the cold. Alan Resinger, Chris Cox were the early fliers, others were Mike Conner, Denis Cousineau, Glenn Little, Joe Yau, I’ve probably missed a couple of names, and Barrie Shandel, & Henry Hajdik later on. There were more members of both clubs than fliers.

Iain Dowlling shot a couple of videos of the action:

Video of Polar Bear Fun Fly

Another Video of Polar Bear Fun Fly

Chris Cox gets ready to turn on the motor in his Crossfire, as Alan Resinger holds. Dave McCheyene photo.

Crossfire takeoff photo shows frost around the circle. Dave McCheyne photo.

Joe Yau gets his electric Legacy ready for a flight. Dave McCheyne photo.

Nice profile built by Keith Varley, owned by Dennis Cousineau. Dave McCheyne photo.

Mike Conner's Ringmaster at left, and Dennis Cousineau's profile. Dave McCheyne photo.

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