Don Shultz (right) is seen at the Boeing Aerospace Center in Kent, Wash., in the early 1980s, with two other stunt fliers of the period, Rich Schaper (left) and Randy Schultz.

Don Shultz

Don Shultz, a prominent stunt flier and control-line modeling cartoonist from the 1960s into the early 1980s, died on July 15, 2016.

A celebration of life will be held Saturday, Aug. 6, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the Willow Room at Mountain View Funeral Home in Lakewood, Wash., south of Tacoma.

Some Northwest control-line modelers who knew Don well offered these remembrances:

From Mike Potter:

I met Don in 1964 in Lakewood, Wash. My flying buddy, Bruce Malm, and I were flying at our usual spot, Kiwanis Park, across the street from our houses. Up drives this white VW bug and out pops Don with a blue Nobler. The plane was a beaut and Don could fly much better than either one of us. We were both in high school and had only been flying a couple of years at most. Bruce was a stunt flyer a I was into carrier. Don was in his early twentys and had just been hired to manage a fabric store at Villa Plaza shopping center.

We had many great time flying at the park over the next few years. Don was sort of our hero in those days.He had a cool apartment, nice VW car, fantastic planes, flew really well. We both were impressed! Later Bruce moved to California, I went in the Air Force and I lost contact with Don.

After four years in the AF, my new wife and I bought a home in Federal Way, Wash. I found the local modelers flying down a the Space Center in Kent and there is my old friend Don. We reunited and I found out he was living in Des Moines, Wash., and selling camera stuff. He then bought a home in Federal Way about three blocks from my home. I think that is about when he went to work at Boeing in the wind tunnel shop. Our kids went to school together and I would see him at contests all the time. After he retired from Boeing he moved to Gig Harbor and I kind of lost contact.

From Bob Parker:

I've known Don since the early 60's. He married our babysitter and neighbor, Carol Smith. He was also my best man when I married Peggy 34 years ago.

I followed Don and Joe Dill to the Nats in Olathe 1968. Joe and Don were fierce stunt competitors -- I was just their mechanic and plane holder. I flew carrier and scale at the time. Maybe people are not familiar with Don's artistic talents, but he was a cartoonist along with his many other accomplishments. He did many retirement cartoons at Boeing for executives, cartoons for model magazines including covers.

He was also an accomplished artist, photographer, model builder (Boeing Wind Tunnel Model Shop), wood crafter (Boeing Displays), trumpet player, etc. -- and the list goes on. Everything he did was perfection. He was humble and carried a low profile, but had huge admiration from a lot of people and friends. Many of the old-timers from the Nats still remember him and his beautiful white stunt airplanes, his white uniform and white shoes -- Mr. Clean, Mr. Perfection.

From Lydia Stratis:

I've know Don from my early days in CL (from mid '70's), but never closely, only through contest connections and occasional emails. My earliest connection is from a contest report from July 1976, my first sanctioned contest as a CD. We only flew one class of Stunt (open), since this was before the days of PAMPA skill classes. Don had a 464 and a 475, with 18 appearance points! He was only outflown by a couple of folks (I don't have overall results), including Gary Letsinger!

Below is one of the cartoons Don drew, courtesy of his son, Steve Dona.

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