Jim Booker watches his Northwest Jet Speed entry after launch, with Gene Pape assisting. Flying Lines photo.

2019 Northwest Control-Line Speed Championships

Sept. 28-29, Bill Riegel Model Airpark, Salem, Ore.

By Mike Hazel, contest director

Threatening weather forecasts fortunately did not come true for this weekend of speed competition. Temperatures were a bit cool for this time of year and limited the jet activity. Overall turnout was about average with some speedsters missing. As usual, the most popular event was Northwest B Proto. The Speed champion was the team of John Newton and Ken Burdick who bested the Northwest 1/2 A Proto Speed record.

Following are both the individual Speed event results, and the top to bottom record ratio scores.


(Northwest competition points shown in parenthesis)

1. Chris Sackett, Maple Ridge, B.C. -- 108.99 mph (8)
2. Ken Burdick, Kamloops, B.C. -- 104.75 (7)
3. Mike Hazel, Mehama, Ore. -- 97.55 (6)
4. Steve Lindstedt, Silverton, Ore. -- 95.44 (5)
5. Don Curry, Portland, Ore. -- 92.65
6. Doug Powers, Portland, Ore. -- 90.18
7. Gene Pape, Eugene, Ore. -- 89.31
8. John Thompson, Eugene, Ore. -- 85.68

F2D PROTO SPEED (2 entries)
1. Ken Burdick -- 103.67 mph (2)
2. Steve Lindstedt -- 97.62 (1)

21 SPORT SPEED (1 entry)
1. John Newton, Crescent City, Calif. -- 138.72

1/2 A PROTO SPEED (1 entry)
1. Newton-Burdick -- 103.58 (1)

FORMULA 40 SPEED (1 entry)
1. Ken Burgar, Wenatchee, Wash. -- 107.71 (1)

1. Jim Booker, LaGrande, Ore. -- 142.57 (1)

D SPEED (2 entries, one flew)
1. Ken Burdick -- 132.49 (1)
Loren Howard, Ariel, Wash. -- DNF

Newton-Burdick (1/2 A Proto) --112.0%
2. Ken Burdick (F2D Proto) -- 97.9
3. Chris Sackett (NW B Proto) -- 96.4
4. Jim Booker (NASS Sport Jet) -- 96.2
5. Ken Burdick (NW B Proto) -- 92.6
6. Steve Lindstedt (F2D Proto) -- 92.2
7. John Newton (21 Sport Speed) -- 90.2
8. Mike Hazel (NW B Proto)-- 86.3
9. Steve Lindstedt (NW B Proto) -- 84.4
10. Don Curry (NW B Proto) -- 81.9
11. Doug Powers (NW B Proto) -- 79.7
12. Gene Pape (NW B Proto) -- 79.0
13. John Thompson (NW B Proto) -- 75.7
14. Ken Burdick (D Speed) -- 74.9
15. Ken Burgar (Formula 40) -- 66.3

Results of this contest are included in Northwest Control-Line Competition Standings.

Northwest CL Speed Championships photo gallery

The pit area on Saturday. Flying Lines photo.

Champion Speed team for the weekend, John Newton (left) and Ken Burdick. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Besides serving as contest director, Mike Hazel piloted many of the entries. Flying Lines photo.

Ken Burdick fuels a B Proto entry as Gene Pape assists. Flying Lines photo.

Chris Sackett uses a tachometer to assess the RPM of Mike Hazel's B Proto plane. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Doug Powers' B Proto waits in nifty PVC holder. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Jim Booker's PodRacer for Northwest Sport Jet. Steve Lindstedt photo.

John Newton's 1/2-A Proto, the record ratio champ. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Another 1/2-A Proto. Steve Lindstedt photo.

An asymmetrical speedster. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Mike Hazel's B Proto. Steve Lindstedt photo.

John Newton's .21 Sport Speed plane. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Ken Burdick's B Proto. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Steve Lindstedt's F2D Proto plane. Flying Lines photo.

Steve Lindstedt's B Proto plane. Flying Lines photo.

Doug Powers' B Proto.Flying Lines photo.

One of several planes brought by Ken Burgar. Flying Lines photo.

Another Ken Burgar plane. Flying Lines photo.

Ken Burgar's Formula 40. Flying Lines photo.

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