Northwest fliers participate in Ringmaster fly-a-thon

Control-line model aviators in several Northwest locations put up flights on various kinds of Ringmasters over the Oct. 6-7 weekend as part of the worldwide Ringmaster Fly-A-Thon sponsored by the Brotherhood of the Ring.

The report below is from the Northwest Skyraiders in the Puget Sound area of Washington and Northwest Fireballs in Portland, Ore. Flying Lines will post information on other venues as we receive it.

Portland Ringmaster flights

By Don Curry

Sunday, Oct. 7, Jim Walker Memorial field, Delta Park, Portland, Ore.

We met at Delta Park about 10 a.m. with a slight mist coming down. Six of us flew: Darren Bishop, Layton Mangels, Richard Entwhistle, Doug Powers, Bill Lee and Don Curry.

We had eight Ringmasters and did a total of 25 flights.

The weather continued to deteriorate to a steady rain so we packed up about 1 P.M.

Puget Sound area Ringmaster flights

By Dave Gardner

Thursday, Oct. 4, Kent, Wash., North Green River Park Soccer Fields

Note that we moved the date up to suit the site and other contest conflicts.

The weather was excellent today but with lighter turnout than expected. Some of the folk put in flights after dealing with some engine problems. We had club stalwarts Ben Jones and Steve Holt carrying most of the load, followed by Al Fernandez, Fred Gordon and Dave Gardner.

Ben brought a couple of S-1’s, Steve had an S-1, an RM Junior and an RM Flash. Al refitted a Ringmaster 150%, built quite a few years ago. He dragged up an old Fox .78, sorta fitted with a muffler and it hauled the 96 oz. ‘RingMonster’ around quite nicely. No one, however, felt comfortable enough to run the beast through ‘tricks’!

Thursday’s results included five pilots, seven Ringmasters and 35 flights. All planes, props and pilots survived this day with repairable damage, however.
We finally gave up about 3:30 pm and retired for a debriefing and commiseration about the day.

Friday weather was not promising, so the second flying day was postponed until Saturday.

Saturday, Oct. 6: Pacific, Wash., AlPac Elementary School grounds

This site was an alternate to an alternate; The Kent site was overrun with many small soccer players -- and it IS their field, by definition. Our first alternate in Pacific was blocked off pending flood control, so the local cop gave us the recommendation of the school grounds, which we used!

The weather held nicely, with light winds and cloudy skies. The only downside was that the field was also used by migrating geese, as a fly-by (and poop!) site, so we had to watch our steps!

With site accommodation settled, we had a clean 11 a.m. start, with setup, layout and several flights completed before noon! Most of the Saturday group of suspects were there, with Fred Gordon and Al Fernandez replaced with Kris Millard, who rode in on his ‘Bar Harley,’ less a Ringmaster, but they were there to fly! Ben Jones flew an old reliable S-1’s, plus a ‘Flying Man’ option, built by Ron Canaan.

Saturday’s results included four pilots, three Ringmasters and 18 flights.

Altogether, we managed 53 flights with six pilots over the two-day session, not quite as good as last years’ effort of 57 flights. We’ll see how this looks in the overall activity, once it is all tallied by John Cralley of the Brotherhood of the Ring.

Several of our members were notable by their absence, but we’ll get them out next year to up the tally for our group. Back to the shop and building boards and -- tight lines!

Salem Ringmaster flights

By Doug Powers

Saturday, Oct. 6, Bill Riegel Model Airpark, Salem, Ore.

Eight Ringmaster flights were made on the sidelines of the Fall Follies contest.

Gene Pape flew his Ringmaster racer from the Drizzle Circuit days twice. It is powered by a Fox .35

Doug Powers flew his Sterling/Estes "Little Stunting Ringmaster" six times. It is powered by a Cox .049 Baby Bee.

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