Northwest CL fliers join Ringmasters Fly-a-thon 2011

Saturday, Oct. 1-2, 2011, worldwide

By Bill Darkow

The Brotherhood of the Ring-sponsored International Ringmasters Fly-A-Thon 2011 reached its goal with over 1,500 flights world wide on Oct. 1-2.

Pacific Northwest flyers contributed 99 flights to the total.  Scores went like this:

  1. Flying Circus Show Team - 32 flights by:
            Bill Darkow, Walt Russell, Doug Oertli, Nathan Harger (Jr.), Jonathan Harger (Jr.), Scott Johnson, Daniel Johnson (Jr.), Nathan Johnson (Jr.) and Gary Conn (new flier).  They flew a Beginners Ringmaster, Super Ringmaster, Sky Diver (Custom Ringmaster) and Uncle Sam (Custom Ringmaster).
        Flying site was Yard Birds Mall parking lot in Chehalis, Wash.
  2. Northwest Fireballs - 30 flights by Don Curry at East Delta Park in Portland, Ore.
  3. Anchorage, Alaska - 20 flights by Bob Edison, Greg MackLacklen, Greg Grubba and Natalie Grubba.  They flew an S-1 Ringmaster, Ringmaster Imperial, Ringmaster Jr. and a Beginners Ringmaster.
  4. Estacada, Ore. - 11 flights by Jim Alderson and Tim Westcott who flew a Beginners Ringmaster at the Fun Flyers club field in McLver Park.
  5. NW Skyraiders - 6 flights by Ben Jones and Gary Letsinger, who flew a Ringmaster S-1 at the Auburn, Wash., Airport.

Everyone had a ball and is looking forward to flying more and different Ringmasters next year

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