The 2006 Northwest Control-Line Regionals

Call it "The Rainy Regionals."

Year No. 35 of the Northwest's control-line showcase meet hit the worst three days of this spring's weather in the Willamette Valley. Weather kept some entries away and caused a lot of "pass" scores to go on the scoreboards. A couple of events were washed out completely. Still, most of the events took place, and the 78 people who attended and participated went home with some memories, some trophies, and some prizes.

The contest returned to Eugene, Ore., where it was held for its first 23 years. After going on the road to Roseburg, Ore., and then Albany, Ore., the contest returned to its home field thanks to the assistance of the Eugene Airport staff, the local club, the Eugene Prop Spinners, and the Northwest Regionals Management Association.

The Eugene site worked well for the contest, and work is already under way to return for the 2007 running of this traditional meet. The NWRMA is looking for feedback on the contest, and for comments on lodging in the community that would help us do an even better job of hosting the meet next year. Comments are invited via the Northwest Message Boards section of the FL web site.

The results of the contest are below. This is a preliminary report, and some details and photos may be added, so check in again now and then for updates.

Regionals photos below

Combat report below

Speed report below

2006 Northwest Control Line Regionals Results

May 26-27-28, Eugene, Ore.
Total individual entrants: 79

Combat Champion: Jeff Rein
Navy Carrier Champion: Jim Schneider
Racing Champion: Les Akre
cale Champion:
Leonid Derbarmdiker
Speed Champion: Jerry Rocha
Stunt Champion: Bob Smiley
Precision Aerobatics Concours 'd Elegance: Pat Johnston (Mustang)


(Number of entries after event name)
(Northwest Standings points in parenthesis after score)

Vintage Diesel Combat (9)
   1. Jeff Rein, Bothell, Wash. 7-0 (9)
   2. Robert Smith, Roy, Wash. 5-2 (8)
   3. Jim Green, Bellevue, Wash. 5-2 (7)
   4. Edmond Bridant, Santa Rosa, Calif., 2-5
   5. Kenny Johansen, Stanwood, Wash.
      Dave Stevenson, Pleasant Hill, Calif.
      Buzz Wilson, Belfair, Wash.
      Ken Burdick, Kent, Wash.
      Caroline Wright-McPherson, Ravensdale, Wash.

80-mph Combat (5)
   1. Jeff Rein (5)
   2. Robert Smith (4)
   3. Jim Green (3)
   4. Kenny Johansen (2)
   5. Dave Stevenson

High-Performance 1/2-A Combat (5)
   1. Edmond Bridant
   2. Dave Stevenson
   3. Jeff Rein (3)
   4. Robert Smith (2)
   5. Jim Green

Class I Navy Carrier (3)
   1. Jim Schneider, Livermore, Calif., 404.26
   Two other entries did not score.

Class II Navy Carrier (2)
   1. Jim Schneider, Livermore, Calif., 251.26
   One other entry did not score.

Profile Navy Carrier (7)
   1. Eric Conley, Gardnerville, Nev., 354.82
   2. Randy Bush, Oakland, Calif., 321.34
   3. Mike Conner, Pitt Meadows, B.C., 226.71 (5)
   4. John Donaldson, Reno, Nev., 158.2
   Three other entries did not score.

.15 Navy Carrier (4)
   1. Jim Schneider, 254.10 -- Regionals record
   2. Mike Conner, 179.77 (3)
   3. David Miller, Pasco, Wash., 156.36 (2)
   One other entry did not score.

Class I/II Nostalgia Navy Carrier (0)
   No scores

Profile Nostalgia Navy Carrier (2)
   No scores

Mouse Race I Open (2)
   1. Paul Gibeault, Edmonton, Alberta, 6:47.61 (Heat: 35 laps)
   2. Can-Am Team (Ryan/Akre), 84 laps (Heat: 2:49.43) (1)

Mouse Race I Jr.-Sr. (2)
   1. Austin Johansen, Stanwood, Wash., 7:33.91 (2)
   2. Jenessa Beers, Cascade, Mont., 11:36.33 (1)

Mouse Race II (2)
   1. Paul Gibeault, 7:08.16 (Heat: 3:31.8)
   2. Can-Am Team, 75 laps (Heat: 2:59.7 -- Northwest record) (1)

.15 Rat Race (2)
   Race canceled because of weather.

AMA Goodyear (3)
   No feature was run; heat scores only.
   1. Todd Ryan, Moses Lake, Wash., 2:46.7 (Northwest Record)/pass (3)
   2. Jackson/Murphy Team, Lincoln, Calif., 10:27.18/34 laps
   3. Les Akre, Edmonton, Alberta, 37 laps/pass

Flying  Clown Race (10)
   1. Les Akre, 340 laps -- Regionals record (Heat:169)
   2. Jim Persson, Pleasanton, Calif., 324 laps (Heat:164)
   3. Jackson/Murphy Team, 36 laps (Heat: 142)
   4. Todd Ryan, 158 heat, scratched from final (7)
   5. Bart Team (Rein/Burdick), Bothell/Kent, Wash., 141 heat
   6. S&S Racing Team, Tenino/Seattle, Wash., 138 heat
   7. Austin Johansen, 130 heat
   8. Allan Hoffmann, Chico, Calif., 111 heat
   9. David Miller, 57 heat
   10. Mike Holmack, Silver Lake, Wash., 51 heat

Northwest Sport Race Jr.-Sr. (1)
   1. Matthew Eichten, Newberg, Ore., 62 laps (1)

Northwest Sport Race Open (5)
   1. Todd Ryan, 7:50.74 -- Regionals record, Northwest record (Heats: 4:07.15/4:00.57)(5)
   2. Les Akre, 7:59.29 (Heats: 4:01.99/3:56.56)
   3. Mike Holmack, 8:56.37 (Heats: 4:32.79/4:49.91) (3)
   4. James Holmack, Silver Lake, Wash., 13:35.08 (Heats: 4:33.16/4:31.7) (2)
   5. Kenny Johansen, Heats: 5:12.35/6:19.49

Northwest Super Sport Race (4)
   1. S&S Racing Team, 7:17 (Heats: 3:22/pass) (4)
   2. Can-Am Team, 7:24 (Heats: 3:25/3:25) (3)
   3. Nitroholics Racing Team, 7:57 (Heats: 3:38/3:53) (2)
   4. Jim Persson, 22 laps heat

Quickie Rat Race (4)
   1. Les Akre, 6:22.57 -- Regionals record (Heats: 3:38.55/3:06.82)
   2. Jim Persson, 7:06.88 (Heats: 3:00.83/3:00.41)
   3. S&S Racing Team, 17 laps (Heats: 5:02.09/pass) (2)
   4. Todd Ryan, 6:05.11 heat (1)

Precision Scale (1)
   1. Leonid Derbarmdiker, Buena Vista, Calif. Flight: 367.5; static: 732

Sport Scale (0)
   No entries

Profile Scale (1)
   One entry did not score.

1/2-A Speed (4)
   1. Jerry Rocha, Napa, Calif., 123.24 mph
   2. Paul Gibeault, 87.78
   Two other entries did not score

1/2-A Proto Speed (5)
   1. Jerry Rocha, 99.65 mph
   2. Jackson/Murphy Team, 86.62
   3. Laura Beers, Cascade, Mont., 72.27 (3)
   4. Jenessa Beers, Cascade, Mont., 61.88 (2)

A Speed (4)
   1. Jerry Rocha, attempt
      Luke Roy, Fairfield, Calif., attempt
   Two other entries did not score.

B Speed (1)
   No scores.

D Speed (4)
   1. Karl Caldwell, Sparks, Nev., 148.52 mph
   Three other entries did not score.

Jet Speed (1)
   No scores

Formula 40 Speed (4)
   1. Paul Gibeault, 153.76 mph
   2. Ted Gritzmacher, Battle Ground, Wash., 151.23 (3)
   3. Rich Salter, Seattle, Wash., 136.59 (2)
   4. Dick Salter, Tenino, Wash., attempt (1)

 FAI Speed (2)
   1. Paul Gibeault, 173.75 mph
   2. Jim Rhoades, Salt Lake City, Utah, attempt

.21 Sport Speed (8)
   1. Jerry Rocha, 153.09 mph
   2. Loren Howard, Ariel, Wash., 150.69 (7)
   3. Karl Caldwell, 150.06
   4. Arnold Nelson, Napa, Calif., 147.06
   5. Eric Nelson, Napa, Calif., 137.4
   6. Ted Gritzmacher, attempt
      Greg Beers, Cascade, Mont., attempt

.21 Proto Speed (1)
   1. Danilla Beers, Cascade, Mont., 92.15 mph (1)

Northwest Sport Jet Speed (5)
   No scores

Expert Precision Aerobatics (19)
   1. Paul Walker, Kent, Wash., 579 (28.5)
   2. Brett Buck, Sunnyvale, Calif., 570.5
   3. David Fitzgerald, Napa, Calif., 559.5
   4. Ted Fancher, Foster City, Calif., 557.5
   5. Bruce Perry, Edmonton, Alberta, 553
   6. Chris Cox, Delta, B.C., 548
   7. Howard Rush, Bellevue, Wash., 543
   8. Jack Pitcher, Gresham, Ore., 537.5
   9. Jim Aron, El Cerrito, Calif., 527
   10. Pat Johnston, Boise, Idaho, 524.5
   11. Bruce Hunt, Salem, Ore., 511
   12. Pete Peterson, Tacoma, Wash., 510.5
   13. Bob Smiley, Kingston, Wash., 506
   14. Jim Rhoades, 493
   15. Keith Varley, Vancouver, B.C., 486.3
   16. Jerry Eichten, Newberg, Ore., 446
   17. Alan Resinger, Duncan, B.C., 429
   Two other entries did not score.
Advanced Precision Aerobatics (8)
   1. John Thompson, Eugene, Ore., 459 (8)
   2. Mike Haverly, Auburn, Wash., 458.5 (7)
   3. Hube Start, Abbottsford, B.C., 446.5 (6)
   4. Greg Hart, Donald, Ore., 438 (5)
   5. Leo Mehl, Portland, Ore., 437.5
   6. Dave Royer, Portland, Ore., 431
   7. Floyd Carter, Eugene, Ore., 399
   8. Jim Holmack, 379.5
Intermediate Precision Aerobatics (6)
   1. Allana Perry, Edmonton, Alberta, 409.5
   2. Richard Walbridge, Fresno, Calif., 403.5
   3. Doug Barton, Woodland, Calif., 381
   4. Doug Wood, Idaho Falls, Idaho, 368 (3)
   Two other entries did not score.

Beginner Precision Aerobatics (4)
   1. David Miller, Pasco, Wash., 170 (4)
   2. Eric Fitzgerald, Napa, Calif., 137.5
   3. Matthew Eichten, 136.5 (2)
   One other entry did not fly.

Classic Stunt (11)
   1. Don McClave, Portland, Ore., 507.5 (11)
   2. Ted Fancher, 505.5
   3. Bruce Hunt, 467 (9)
   4. Pat Johnston, 457.5 (8)
   5. Bob Smiley, 444.5
   6. Dan Rutherford, Bothell, Wash., 442
   7. Mike Haverly, 426
   8. Dave Royer, 419.5
   9. Jim Holmack, 395.5
   10. Alan Resinger, 236.5
   11. Jeff Rein, 225

Old-Time Stunt (9)
   1. Pete Peterson, 266.5 (9)
   2. Scott Riese, Portland, Ore., 265.5 (8)
   3. Bob Smiley, 256 (7)
   4. Jim Aron, 251,5
   5. Mike Conner, 248
   6. Doug Wood, 229
   7. Dave Royer, 227.5
   8. Mike Haverly, 218.5
   9. Floyd Carter, 130.5

Sportsman P-40 Stunt (4)
   1. Mike Haverly, 438.5 (4)
   2. Greg Hart, 415.5 (3)
   3. Jim Holmack, 322.5 (2)
   4. Floyd Carter, 301.5 (1)

Expert P-40 Stunt (4)
   1. Bob Smiley, 441.5 (4)
   2. Bruce Hunt, 421 (3)
   3. Jerry Eichten, 416 (2)
   4. Pat Johnston, 389 (1)

Regionals photos

We'll be adding more photos as they become available -- send them to the FL editor

A couple of beginning stunt fliers were surprised by gifts from their fellow modelers at the Regionals. In left photo, Matthew Eichten shows off the P-40 handed down to him by its designer, Pat Johnston. Matthew also flew Northwest Sport Race. Jerry Eichten photo. In the right photo, David Miller receives an ARF Oriental, including engine, put together for him by the Northwest Fireballs. Leo Mehl hands Dave the plane, as Scott Riese (right) and Contest Director Craig Bartlett look on. Photo provided by David Miller.

David Miller sends this message to the Fireballs: I would like to thank the Portland Fireball Club for the donation they made to the winner of Beginner Stunt at the 2006 Regionals. For those who weren't there, the Club donated a fully assembled and ready to fly Oriental ARF with a Brodak .40 motor. It is a beautiful black and blue with green stripes. I understand Scott Riese put it together and broke in the motor. Thank-you Scott -- You did a beautiful job!! I was told there was a handle, lines and fuel to follow. I was extremely surprised and honored to receive this award at the Regionals. I cannot express enough how much this meant to me. I have worked very hard to improve my flying skills and hope to soon learn to fly inverted and do figure 8's, so I can move to the Intermediate level. At my age and health situation, this is not an easy thing to accomplish. Maybe with an airplane like the Oriental, it will help improve my learning curve. In any case, what I most want to express is my sincere appreciation to the Fireballs Club for their efforts. Thank-You so very much!!!!

Weather was nice by the time of the trophy presentation. As usual, fine trophies and a huge array of fine-quality control-line and general modeling prizes were awarded. Trophies were sponsored by Don Chandler, Eric Conley, Mike and Kathy Conner, Dave Gardner, Mike MacCarthy, Mel Marcum, Derek Moran, the Nitroholics Racing Team, Jerry Rocha, Howard Rush, ZZ Prop, and the Northwest Regionals Management Association. Prizes were donated by Eugene Toy & Hobby, Brodak Manufacturing, Bob Smith Industries, Lone Star Balsa, Skysport, Mel Marcum, Mike Hazel, and the NWRMA. Jim Corbett photos.

A lot of time was spent huddled under canopies as showers passed through. Above left: The speed circle canopy. Right, Stunt headquarters. Jim Corbett photo.

Left photo: Clown racers in the pits. Jim Corbett photo. Right: A view from the racing canopy on Saturday afternoon. Flying Lines photo.

Left photo: Paul Walker's latest Impact. Right photo: Brett Buck with his Imitation XL. Steve Helmick photos.

Left photo: Buck's Imitation XL. Right: Pat Johnston's Concours d'Elegance winner Mustang. Steve Helmick photos.

Left photo: Thursday afternoon work crew members Craig Bartlett (left), the CD, and Floyd Carter, president of Eugene Prop Spinners. Right photo: Bob Smiley was the first to put up a flight at the Eugene site, getting in some practice on the grass on Thursday. Flying Lines photos.

Action in the combat circle. Left photo: Dave Stevenson (front) and Bob Smith. Center photo: Jim Green and Dave Stevenson. Edmond Bridant photos.

Regionals combat report

By Mel Lyne, Vintage Diesel event director

Vintage Diesel Combat

It was truly authentic 1950s British diesel combat weather....lots of rain. Eight bullet-hard combat guys plus lady Caroline were keen to fly. What's a bit of rain? After the pilot's meeting the first match got off at 9:30 in a medium-wet drizzle. Kenny Johansen and Ken Burdick had a good one going. Kenny hit Ken's streamer no less than 12 times and the wet plastic streamer just would not cut. You had to get the prop on it to get a cut. Caroline Wright-McPherson took on Robert Smith in an interesting match, with Caroline being cautious with her new "Dominator" plane. Jeffrey Rein took on Edmond Bridant up from California and had to work hard for the win. Dave Stevenson, also from California, took on Jim Green in a model-busting barn-burner. Fascal covering is a must for these models if you want them to survive severe bashes! Most models were Warlords or Razor Blades powered by PAWs or Sharmas. There were some Ironmongers and the odd Pirhana and Dominator also in the mix. Mid-airs were few with non Fascal-covered models sufferering the worst damage. At the lunch break some serious Fascal horse-trading took place. Buzz Wilson had a close match with Kenny, Buzz squeaking the win by 14 seconds.

After 3 full rounds and the rain getting heavier nobody was ready to shorten the scheduled 5 rounds. So on they flew, ""Into the valley of "heavy rains", opponents to the left of them, opponents to the right of them, onward flew the intrepid nine!""(Okay so it wasn't quite the 500 into the Valley of Death, but it sure was wet!)

After 4 full rounds the nine still wouldn't yield!....."Naah....We can fly 1/2A tomorrow, let's get in the full 5 rounds". Meanwhile the ED and crew were definitely getting into soggy moccasin territory. Can it get any wetter? As if the heavens had heard, a DELUGE was released. This was the only time the intrepid nine paused. Then suddenly the rains ceased and it was "run the matches fast". Judges Henry and Vernon did a stalwart job assisting Mel in officiating. Others such as Kenny chipped in too for much appreciated help during "sock wringing-out breaks"(Did I say it was wet?). Gary Harris also arrived to assist. There were some great matches with Jeffrey, Jim, Edmond, Robert and Kenny putting on some classic matches in pursuit diesel combat with lots of streamer hits and some cuts.

When the dust(make that "spray") had settled at the end of 5 rounds, Jeffrey had all wins followed closely by Jim, Robert and Edmond. The first semi had Robert vs Jim in a close one with one cut each, a tangle and both up again. Robert getting it on air time. The second semi had Jeffrey vs Edmond in a very tactical match. Jeffrey took the whole streamer in one cut and then flew inverted extremely low with Edmond trying to follow him through the wet grass blades. Jeffrey held on for the win. Jim and Edmond flew off for 3rd and 4th. Jim got 2 cuts up and successfully evaded Edmond until curfew for the win. The final was Jeffrey vs Robert in another tactical classic with Jeffrey getting ahead on cuts and then flying low inverted to hide. There was a tangle with both planes down briefly but Jeffrey held on for the win, his first ever in diesel combat.

Many thanks to all the crew, helpers and the contestants for a great show. (Results listed above).

Jeffrey Rein's winning model: PAW .15 BR powered 1957 "Razor Blade". 32 in span, 16 ounces. Built by Jeffrey Rein.

1/2A and 80 mph combat

There were 5 entries in each with Gary Harris running the events aided by Caroline Wright-McPherson.

1/2A got going Sunday morning with damp skies. Jeffrey Rein, Robert Smith, Edmond Bridant, Dave Stevenson and Jim Green had a double elimination going. Early on Edmond got a kill on Jeffrey. Both Dave and Edmond were flying well and it ended with both of them in the final. Edmond came out on top with the kill for his first combat win as a "Retread" after a 15 year "pause."

In 80mph combat Jeffrey Rein, Robert Smith, Kenny Johansen, Jim Green and Dave Stevenson did battle. Kenny had a good run at it and the sun even came out for a while. In the end the old pro Jeffrey proved too tricky for the rest of the field and took first place decisively.

Regionals speed report

By Mike Hazel, speed event director

When the weather was such as it was this year, it was nice that we had 2-1/2 days to get in the flights. The speed ships are a little more finicky and can be more difficult to operate in those less than optimum conditions. And no one even bothered getting out their jet equipment, as wet weather makes things very difficult with them. Of course there was plenty of bench racing under the rain shelters, and as usual some interesting stories were swapped, exagerations and embellishments not withstanding.

Here's a quick rundown on all the speed events that we ran ...

Jerry Rocha turned a decent 123 mph score in 1/2 A on his conventional layout ship, which had a CS/GZ 049 on minipipe. Paul Gibeault dared use a Class II mouse racer for second place, which at 87 mph was a bit below its potential.

In 1/2 A Proto Jerry repeated a win at 99 mph. Scott Jackson took second, looking good in the pylon running out his fuel tank. Third and fourth places by Jennessa and Laura from the Montana "Beers Brigade", the former doing her first stint in the pylon. Good show!

In class 'A' there were no official flights, with both Luke Roy and Jerry Rocha having some "almost there" attempts use F2A style equipment on monoline.

F2A saw several attempts from the alky burner boys, with Paul Gibeault finally getting a fair 173 score, getting the piped engine setup on song without going lean and overheating during the timed run.

.21 Sport Speed is now by far the most popular speed class, and many times features some fun close competition. Any of the top four placers this year had the potential to come out on top, but Jerry's 153 excellent first flight stood up thru the weekend. Loren Howard and Karl Caldwell tightly bunch for 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Arnold Nelson had a 147 mph flight that sounded very much faster than the stopwatch testified to. Maybe under-propped, eh? Engine of choice among top finishers was the Nova-Rossi 21, in one configuration or another. Eric Nelson used an O.S. 21 to turn 137, but according to some he has turned 150 before, so perhaps there really are some choices in the engine department.

There was only one flight in 21 Proto, put in by Danilla Beers.

In the Formula 40 class Paul Gibeault's K&B powered bird edged out Ted Gritzmacher's Nelson powered ship in tight competition. Rich Salter was looking for the Magic Prop, with his 136 mph plane sounding like it had much more potential to unlock. Keep looking, Rich.

The "big block" class was actually won by a small block! Karl Caldwell used his little 'D' bird, which has a huge wing and a very under-cubed powerplant, i.e. a Nelson 40. This setup has gone much faster than the 148 mph flight. Loren Howard's old reliable 'D' suffered the only notable ground contact mishap at the speed circle. Immediately upon launch, the plane seemed to have a flutter, and after going only one half lap, the outboard wing panel blew off. Pilot Greg Beers wasn't able to level out before the plane pancaked, but only minor damage was done.

Overall Speed champion was Jerry Rocha, but Paul Gibeault was only one point behind him. My sincere thanks to all the entrants who helped time, and do the wrestling around with the safety netting.

Results of this contest were included in the Northwest Competition Standings.

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