A View from Broadway

Top Geezer!

A G Speed Throwdown

By Ken Burdick

Yes Folks, it's true.

There will be a Geezer Throwdown on April 17 in Portland, Ore., at 10 a.m.

Ever wanted to be Top Geezer? Admit it now, you have. Sitting around the "home” watching "Matlock" and bragging about being “Top Geezer!” You'll be the hit at movie night.

“But Kenny, how do I get to BE top Geezer?”

It's simple. All you need do is enter and win (yes, you must win first place) the Northwest B proto (G speed) event at the upcoming Jim Walker Memorial Spring Tune-Up contest.

What's in it for me?

Not only will you be winning valuable -- wait, there is no mention of prizes or trophies in the flyer, just entry fee ... (one second please) ...

After conferring with the secret society called the ACES, somebody came up with this idea.

Cash awards for the first three top entries: $50 for first, $35 for second, $20 for third. based on at least six entries.

Cash for juniors too: $40 for first, $25 for second, $15 for third based on at least three entries.

Not bad for flying a total of 30 seconds!

“Wow Tommy -- this could be as exciting as watching Carrier!”

After an emergency meeting of the Broadway Bod Busters, several decisions were made. One of them was actually about this. It was The Combat Monster who pointed a finger at us, and accused us of “being cheap.” At this point The Buzz-man slugged Kenny-b who then took it out on The Rein-man and the usual fracas ensued. When all of our energies were spent, we all agreed that we would up the ante, so to speak.

The BBB offers $1,000,000 to the Top Geezer!

The chance to win this prize will be given to the first-place winner in Geezer Speed, (Northwest B proto) at the Northwest Regionals competition.

Yes, folks, it's true.

Once again you have the chance to be independently wealthy, compliments of the Broadway Bod Busters. All that is needed is to build a Northwest B proto per the Flying lines rules.

How can I be a winner, Kenny?

I suggest contacting Partner Productions and purchasing either a standard or a Pro kit from him. These are hand-made and built to order, so get your order in asap, but if you prefer doing it all yourself, a set of plans can be purchased from Partner as well. Another alternative is to read the article on the Blondie, and the engine rework for it. There is a free set of plans available so you have no reason for not joining in the fun. Don't be a crab, be a winner!

Free advice will gladly be handed out at the field just for the asking, but lil' Geezers, beware of a Beaver bearing gifts. That's about all I can tell you as there are certain knowings that the BBB hold in regards to this topic. What I CAN say, is that a onetime U.S. and Canadian Champion whose name rhymes with Barry Hobkirk is currently building a G speed ship. Several trips to Japan have convinced the onetime record holder that being a G Speed champion would be the right thing to do, not to mention winning a cool one MILLION dollars!

A doubble headder!

So we'll warm up in Portland on April 17 and, given enough entries, strip the annual budget from the secret society known as “The ACES,” but to do this we'll need your entry.

Then, armed with all we learned in Po-Land, we'll reconvene in Roseburg for the Northwest Regionals and Top Geezer of 2015, ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

Okay, here's the plan in case you forgot:

  • Build G speed model.
  • Strip the ACES in Portland/
  • Win one million dollars in Roseburg and become wealthy.

See ya in Po-Land Lil Geezers.

-- Kennyb

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