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Phantom racing

By Ken Burdick

Rat racer pull too hard? ... Goodyear got you down? You say your Mouse Racer's run off with the cheese and your Clown won't start. ... Is that what's got you down, Bunky?

Well, we have just the thing for you!!!!

What is it you say? It's a Phantom racer as kited by Black Hawk models. The Phantom is used in the UK and Portugal as a racing event with .09 vintage diesel engines. There is also a speed event with the same airplane sporting a .15 vintage diesel.

The Broadway Bod Busters are hard at work developing this little gem into a user friendly racing event for the Northwest that would utilize the vast amount of vintage .15 diesels available here.

A complete set of rules is being transcribed somewhere in our development center. High on the fun factor scale and low on the frustration scale is our aim. The engines will be vintage and no modern stuff like Schnurle porting, Perry Porting or ABC/AAC piston and liners. What is allowed however is any vintage or vintage replica including the chrome plated CS Oliver Tigre. This should about cover all of the engines we use and have retired flying Vintage Diesel Combat over the past 12 years.

The fuel tank will not be tiny and will be specified to about what we have been using in dBat as a maximum, so about any dBat tank would work. Fuel shutoff's will be allowed and if you can provide a sketch of your favorite one would be appreciated to help others make theirs.

Some modifications are recommended to beef up the lil' guy for the .15's. The following are suggestions from Jullio Isidro who is very involved with Phantoms in Portugal.


"Concerning the modifications in the models, they must be light and strong. In the fuselage I use to make a sandwich of the balsa sides, plus 0.8mm plywood. I reinforce the joint of the dihedral with a string of 2cm of fibre glass. The bellcrank is never fixed to the wing but in a piece of hardwood between the engine bearers. The dihedral in the original plan is very high. You can reduce it a little till 2.5cm.

"Reinforce the leading edge of the wing with a hardwood spar. The rudder can stay straight without any angle, and you can make dural bearers to screw to the wood one but recessing for the same engine line.

"Hope you can develop this Phatom event. If you do it may be I'll go to Seattle to meet my American fellows in speed and racing for an event.

Kindest regards,

Julio Isidro


Where to get what


The Phantom MK xv. It is available from Black Hawk Models, but they cannot sell direct. Below is a communication and a source I am using.

"My name is Sha Sha and I have a hobby store called Boone's Hobbies.

The Phantom MK xv kit lists for $52.00. You can contact me at: Black Hawk Models, by e-mail to Boone's Hobbies or by phone at (562) 708-0653.

Boone's Hobbies (contact Sha Sha.)
7125 Island Village Drive
Long Beach, CA 90803


Despite rumors of a diesel fuel shortage, there is currently an adequate supply of diesel fuel at Carlson Engines (602) 863-1684. At the time of this writing (October 2009), Ed told me he has 90 gallons of Red Max fuel and 45 quarts of Aerodyne. The Red Max sells for $28.00 per gallon with $7.00 shipping while the Aerodyne is $16.00 per quart. I have spoken to the Red Max company, (800) 742-8484, who tell me they will produce diesel fuel again when they can find a source for ether. Aerodyne has no problem making fuel.

Engines: Vintage .15 diesels

Mel Lyne is selling an excellent custom version of the Sharma .15. This engine was developed by Mel and Sharma for diesel combat but will make a good and fast engine for this event.

Carlson Engines has several to chose from. My favorite being the Oliver Tiger replica but the Sharma plain bearing can be just as fast.

Keep an eye on Flying Lines for the preliminary set of rules and further developments of this most interesting event. We will be looking for a place to host a race in the near future so get to building!

__ Kenny-b and the Bod Busters.


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