Broadway Bod Busters

Ninjas attack the BBB, while ...
The Rein Man shocks the Speed world

By Ken Burdick

Yes folks, it's true.

The mild mannered Combat ace from the Legendary

*******Broadway Bod Busters*******

Has endeavored to build a F2D Proto lighter than any in recorded history.

The angular looking speed ship weighs in at an RTF weight of about 10 oz., thus beating the crap out of anything close to it (mine).

"I wanna be like Jeff!!!!" You might say, or "How does he do it!!!!!"

I can't answer the first question but believe me, the Bod Buster Medical staff has been studying the Rein Man for a number of years only to reach the same two questions as above. I can't tell you how to be like Jeff, but I can tell you how he did this.

The Right Angle is the name given his proto speed ship due to its angularity.

This being a "Top Secret" project, the BBB had taken extraordinary security measures.

We had posted a guard outside of the Bod Buster Research Center in Covington and on two separate occasions had driven off a couple of suspiciously familiar figures both dressed in Ninja black.

One was stocky, appearing to be a Ninja who enjoys a good Pizza; the other was taller and thin. The taller Ninja was heard to say "Mike!, I don't think this is a very good idea!"

"Shhhhhhhhhh!" the other said, "they'll never know what hit em, now hand me the rope John."

Our crack security team lead by Stunt Guru Dan Rutherford has reason to suspect the pair was none other than Mike Hazel and John Thompson! Recently released (ran off) from the Bod Buster Rehabilitation Center, Mike has maintained an appearance of normality other than flying pudgy stunt ships. John on the other hand, may be having a reaction to editing the Broadway Bod Buster articles.

I suspect this because of reply emails shown below after submitting articles to the once lucid editor.

"John's not here" or "go away" and lately "la la-la-la-la-la!!!!" Up to now I had considered this simply the quirky talented mind of the Flying Lines Editor JT.

Customarily, John includes a famous quote at the foot of his email, such as:

 I am a strong believer in luck and I find the harder I work the more I have of it. -- Benjamin Franklin

Lately it's been such things as: The loons. The loons.

I'm not sure what it means but may be tied to the invasion which undoubtedly was lead by the Whale Hunting Mike Hazel, now turned Ninja. Ninjas can simply spoil every endeavor you know.

Thwarting the Ninja attack was easy, we simply release the dog and the two of them were seen running off into the night pursued by the Bod Buster Security Hound Tiea.

The second time they attacked we turned out the lights, it worked as these Ninja's were afraid of the dark.

****The Broadway Bod Busters **** quickly called an "all hands meeting" at our winter H-Q (Gators) and have planned a trip to Flying Lines Central Office on a fact finding mission.

(More on this later)

Anyway, the Right Angle wing was routed on a table router to make a half round in both the leading edges and trailing edges. This will allow a small CF tube to be glued in place acting as both a spar and edge. The trailing edge tube is smaller than the LE so some shape can be given to the airfoil.

The landing gear is most interesting, and built from the same tubes. As you can see from the pictures, it is held in place by regular hobby shop hardware while the horizontal axel is bonded to the struts by carbon tow and CA. The main axel is supporting a smaller tube glued into it, the wheels rotate on the small tube axel and are kept on the axel by CA and tow wrapped around the end of the axel like a wheel collar.

The results are strong and light weight. The ideas here could be expanded on and light strong models could follow this template.

Another interesting feature to the airplane is there is very little hardwood in the engine mount. The platform for F2D aluminum motor mounts is made of balsa with 1/64" ply on either side. Vertical dowels are drilled into the balsa to take up the force of the mount being tightened down, the dowels are then drilled for the bolts to pass through. This assembly is then capped with thin plywood under the aluminum mounts. The rest of the model is constructed out of balsa.

For more information on the exciting new hit event, F2D Proto, see F2D Proto Introductory article.

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